Letters from Three Cults to a Matoran Interested in Joining

Welcome to the Cult of Candlehead! We are pleased that you decided to join!

The Cult of Candleheads began when the Matoran first inhabited Mata Nui and the Onu-Matoran had not yet found the lightstones. We used the fat from dead rahi—following the ritual for doing so—and nectar from the flowers of Ga-Wahi to create our Candles, which were affixed to our masks with the Wax. These we used to light our way until we found the ever-important lightstones.

Now, the Candle is revered, for Mata Nui provided us with everything to create the Candles so we could find the long-lasting lightstones, so the Cult of Candlehead is our way of praising Mata Nui for Candles and his Generosity. And Candles!

While it is a sacred symbol, the Candle is still an important part of everyday life. More than half the Onu-Matoran population (plus some Po-Matoran) are members of the Cult of Candleheads, and since most Onu-Matoran are miners, there will always be one member present in a team in case they run out of lightstones, thereby using Mata Nui’s gift to us.

The induction ceremony is in three days’ time. Initiation includes the Grafting of a sacred Candle to the inductee’s mask using the Holy Wax and the chanting of some initiation prayers.


Since the beginning of time, the Ko-Koronans have isolated themselves to participate in the Seeking. In the Seeking, we strive to solve the Mysteries of the universe and the finding of new Prophecies through introspection and meditation. From our introspection and meditation, we hope to also divine why Mata Nui placed us on this island and our Purpose in life.

Acolytes must be able to be quiet and stand still. Know mediation is not required, as it can be taught. No loud noises are permitted unless they are a bodily function, such as sneezing.

Induction will be the day after enough Matoran are gathered. Please be clean and enter the Sanctum quietly. The details of the Initiation are sacred to the Ko-Koronans, and as such, they will not be described here.

The Seeking is for Ko-Koronans only. Some Ga-Matoran may be permitted on a case-by-case basis. Maku, stop asking.



By reading this letter, you have been chosen to join the NSA. Regardless of whether or not you join, you are hereby bound by the following rules:

¤ You shall not talk about the NSA with any non-member.
¤ Only begin speaking with an NSA member about the NSA or NSA business after exchanging the code conversation(s). These will be given later.
¤ If someone begins talking about the NSA without the code conversation(s), look confused and say, "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about." Wait for them to leave and report it to Director Vakama IMMEDIATELY.

Failure to follow these rules may result in death, excommunication, banishment, divine punishment, or having your Kanohi removed, depending on the severity of the treason crime.

History: The NSA was founded by Director Vakama as a way to keep an eye on rahi and Matoran alike. Originally a branch of the Ta-Koro Guard, it has now grown to become its own organization encompassing all Koros.

Please report your answer to Director Vakama with your answer. After your answer, follow with "Nui-Jaga sing awesomely." He will ask you a question. ANSWER HONESTLY.

No further information, including details and initiation, may be disclosed in this letter. Depending on your answer, further information may be given.

Please destroy this letter in the lava flows of Ta-Koro.


Um ok than...


No! The NSA was founded by Director Nuju, and he keeps tabs on all the other Turaga.


I take it you have watched MNOG with Meso (and Eljay), yes?

Do one for Rahi abuse, of whatever that bird was.


That was a Kewa. A subspecies of the more popular Gukko.


I couldn't remember the name; MNOG with Meso (and Eljay) was the first time I had heard it.


I was going to put Nuju, but he was already a part of the Seeking, and I didn't necessarily want one turaga in two "cults."

And yes, I watched MNOG with Meso and Eljay. It's the best let's play of it I've ever seen (it's only the second one, though; the first was iBIONICLE's).

And I will do the rahi abuse. I'm also going to do the Koli team, the Ta-Koro Guard, the Le-Matoran band, and the Ta- and Le-Matoran dance troops.


Project Freelancer Reference with the whole 'Director' thing? Loved the story. Or letters. Candle heads for life. http://squeaverking.deviantart.com/art/Candlehead-Wants-You-468099171


Yes! XD (The Candleheads thing.)



NSA? What A load of- ZZZzZZzZZZZZZ! Connection Lost

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- The Cult of Candleheads will gladly accept any members.
- Maku has the right intentions to become a member of the Seeking, but she cannot stay in one place long enough and fidgets too much. Plus, she's applied way too many times.
- The NSA has all these precautions in place, but since literally everyone knows about them, there's no point. They still keep precautions, though.
- You must answer Vakama honestly because he knows the answer because "the NSA's cameras are everywhere."