Levhorak the Virahk

This is an idea I had after seeing kraata spiders online. I want to make a project for an alternate rahkshi reality, and the world needed rahi. This is an alternate set of armor for a weather changing rahkshi called Virahk armor. So, now presenting Levhorak!

I found a list of possible rahkshi names with weather control being levhrahk. If rahkshi names end with rahk, the Virahk end with orak. Virahk comes from rahkshi and visorak.
Simply replace the rahk in the name with orak, and boom! You may need to keep the r if the prefix ends with a vowel so you don’t get guuorak or leorak. The tail would be the limb color and the rest body color. If demanded, I will make instructions for the build. I will be hosting the moc project for the new rahkshi universe soon! It won’t be too different from the very popular brotherhood of Makuta project.


Very nice. Simple, but effective.

It’s cool, nice work.