Lewa and Nuhvok 2002 Revamps

I’ve worked on these guys for a while. Lewa is supposed to be his kraata-infected version, and Nuhvok is just a Nuhvok. I just had a bunch of black.

Both of them together.

Lewa casual pose.

Lewa battle pose.

Miru can be stored in back.

Lewa with Miru. Keep in mind that I built him wearing a krana. At no point did I swap it out for a Miru until the MOC was finished.

Smaller axe can be stored.

Lewa with only large axe.

Nuhvok front.


Nuhvok side.

Nuhvok back.

Nuhvok top.

Nuhvok bottom.

Nuhvok action pose.

Please share your thoughts.


wow, Nuhvok is really bulky


I have four words; two for each MOV: Green Everywhere and Bulk Master…



bit bulky and messy

I mean, if you were armoring them up, you succeeded…


I’m not sure about Lewa. He seems a bit cluttered. Nuhvok is cool, just a bit bulky.

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What do you mean? Any specific points I could fix?

Lewa is alright. Can’t say I’m a fan of the shoulders, but everything else is fine.

Nuhvok, however…

He needs to go to the Bohrok gym or something.


Yeah, I dont know what it is, but recently all my MOCs end up with these weird shoulder armor pieces that end up just looking awkward. I’ve been obsessed with getting them right, but I never can. Oh well. My next MOC is gonna be a huge purple and gold figure with Speeda Demon’s wheels set into his calves, so hopefully that will go back to my roots of building rather than trying weird aesthetic things. I’m glad someone confirmed my worries about the shoulder’s though.


I like Nuhvok, the way you made the jaw really gives out an alien insectoid vibe (kinda like Gadunka).

Nuhvok ate too much.

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What happened to that Nuhvok.

He went to the gym, skipped leg day, got really muscular, and put on a winter jacket.


These MOCs are really cool.

10 outta ten


Nuhvok seems like he’s being stretched out, he’s very bulky in the middle but his arms and legs are tiny. Lewa seems a bit better, but the custom body and shoulder armour seems a bit odd to me. Good MOC’s though.

The Nuvhok is looks like it’s the Bohrok’s version of a Boxor.

Nuvhok looks more like a cylinder than he does a ball.

Lewas is alright, but the nuhvok looks like he’s been using steroids for the past 2000 years!