Lewa Mata recreated in LDD

So as I didn’t find any way to get Mata or Metru bodies in any program so I decided to build Toa Mata Lewa using LDD-available pieces. It is absolutely unaccurate it just kinda rework as title says.

This is just a front view:

That’s how his back looks like, only gear function is head-moving :smiley: :

And this is closer look at his custom body:


This is really really cool! Kinda odd, but that’s because of the parts at your disposal or lack thereof. Great job!

And because there isn’t any Miru looking mask I tried to use something similiar to new version of it.

I like the body stand-in you used. :smiley:

Thanks! I did my best but I couldn’t really make gear moved arms…

actually kind of interesting.

I don’t know if I should create other toa cuz they would be propably almost clone sets. If you want them just let me know :wink:

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Yes you should.

Okay I’ll do my best improving their weapons cuz anything else has not much space for modifications due to the lack of pieces in LDD :confused:

But don’t expect them today I ain’t got much time…

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Awesome how you used limited pieces and if someone looked at that they’d say that’s Lewa. Nice job!

you mean like the originals?
This is pretty cool though.

Well, not really cuz Mata leg is not available…