LEWA, Uniter of Jungle Stop-Motion

Witness Lewa building himself!


For a real quick animation done in under a day, I liked how it turned out despite some flaws. What are your thoughts?


that was super smooth and super amazing

Looks awesome dude I love how smooth it is.

Done in under a day? I must say for that amount of time is is very smooth and well done.

Only one day? Great work! I love the cyclone build sequence. The light effects and smooth animation are fantastic. I suppose you get asked this a lot, but which programs did you use?

I used Dragonframe 3.6, After Effects CC, and Sony Vegas 11. And thank you!


Nice! Your animation is great! :smiley:

You’re a great Stop motion animator.

This was great. :smile:

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I sounded like when Bionicle meets Transformers, awesome.

Wow… this very smooth and overall amazing!

Really cool, I’ve been wanting to do something like this also

Holy balls.
Good job…

lol lewa transformer of not tree talking