Lewa/Uxar/Umarak photoshoot

I already made one of these for Lewa Master but I felt I had to take pics of these new sets. Of course I had to use some different locations of my garden.

Unfortnately for me, the only unused places were trees, tall trees, for me at least… So I had to use a ladder to take most of these pics.

Not gonna lie, some look odd and the lighting isn’t the best but I tried, anyway enjoy!


My favorite so far.


Nice job on these!

I really like how this one came out in particular.


Only now do I realize how much Umarak blends in with the environment


Why do i have the feeling i’ve saw those trees before…?

Anyways, nice photos

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Hmm… Some of these are hard to make out, but… They’re kinda cool I guess

Maybe cause I did a photoshoot with Lewa master before…

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I didn’t meant in a photoshoot.

But alrighty i guess.

These all are amazing quality

Awesome job blu!

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Amazing! I love the Umarak ones, so stealthy!

Also, my Lewa outdoor photo-shoot approves!

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I have a feeling some of these fell when you were trying to pose them, huh?


They’re kinda hard to see but they look great nevertheless

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Dang, Umarak looks really great amongst all the leaves… Uxar is cute as usual… All in all, awesome photoshoot!

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Not bad photography skills.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m sold on the lighting in these pictures; that said, these are pretty darn awesome in terms of composition and shooting. I always got a lot of respect for art that is labor intensive; overall superb job.