LG BIONICLE 2015 Stop Motion Compilation

This is a stop motion compilation of my entire BIONICLE 2015 collection plus Nokama. I used to have 100 Bionicles from Gen 1, but they're long gone. Also, I don't know how to put the video thing up. If anyone knows how, please let me know.

gives me the feeling all the sets will be in a better version of BIONICLE heroes


man, your stop motions are pretty awesome

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Hey LG, how do you keep the figures in place for the ariel shots? I also think you'd be great if you wanted to make a bionicle series.

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@Baldric I use a technic rod and connect it on the figure's back. First, I take a clear photo without the figure. then I place the figure to where it is and then after I take a photo, I can edit the string or technic piece out on photoshop. Then, it's just rinse and repeat for each frame.