Lhikan vs Skull Reaper

Here’s a short stop-motion fight I made. Not much else to it.

Yes I know that’s discount Lhikan. I just had the real one’s swords😛


The animation is very smooth and the camera is very still. The only complaints I have are the combat maybe should be a little slower and the sound effects should be less loud. Overall this is a very good stop motion I never could get the hang of stop motion using Bionicles so I’m very impressed. Good work

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I still haven’t😆. Like, I cant’t move them without them falling over, even with sticky tack. Also, the fighting style was meant to be a bit slower. I’m not used to using non-minifigures, so I getting the right distance of movement between frames is difficult. Thank you for the feedback!

The little bit I did learn was from watching a series on YouTube called fight for endworld you should watch it if you’re interested

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