Lianyu, the Old Archon

One of the oldest, wisest and most powerful toa to ever exist in the Matoran Universe, Lianyu spent all his life helping others and teaching others to do the same.

((Things in bold are to do with the Cyclic Plane Storyline and aren't canon.))

Lianyu is a very old and very wise toa of plantlife. He is among the very oldest of the toa and other beings that operated out of the Holy Island of Korrothis in the name of Mata-Nui.

The island came to be a holy site due to its location almost directly beneath the Mata-Nui robot's heartlight, between the North and South Continents. A council of Elemental Lords was appointed by Mata-Nui in the Beginning Time to help regulate the Weave (the complex harmony of the elements keeping the Matoran Universe running), and while different individuals have come and gone since the beginning time, Korrothis has persisted even to outlive the world that birthed it.

Lianyu was once a Bo-Matoran living on the area of land on the Southern Continent called the Voya Highlands that would later break away to form Voya Nui during the Great Cataclysm. He was adept with both living plants and machinery, and spent much of his matoran life making and fixing agricultural equipment, before he was transformed into a toa through one of his own botanical experiments.

As a Toa, he would go on to create all of his tools, armour and other equipment using a highly advanced form of that same technology. His Toa Tool, the Sepal Sword, allows him to channel his powers over Plantlife in a lot of ways, including spreading vines, seeds, spores, attracting and controlling insects, rapidly growing roots and even firing bolts of solar energy.

His backpack holds a pair of semi-autonomous Madu Cabolo launchers. The fruit explode and spray acid when exposed to his elemental energy, allowing him to make timed detonations or harness the burst for something more constructive using his powers.

Lianyu had only been a toa for a few weeks when he received a vision from Mata Nui, summoning him to Korrothis. He was not the only one summoned, either. Lianyu was there when Mata-Nui formed the Elemental Council. Two makuta became the lords of light and shadow, and each had three elemental lords under them. Lianyu, along with Atarangi, Ia and three other toa became Mata-Nui's personal toa team, the Archons of Life.

So Lianyu remained for centuries, in service to the Holy Island of Korrothis. Worship of the Hexarc spread to nearly every island in the matoran universe, helped in no small part by the teams of elemental archons who worked on behalf of the Elemental Lords. Lianyu would train new toa of Plantlife who came to the island seeking to control their power and help maintain balance.

It is Lianyu who found a wayward Toa Soleku and brought her to Korrothis, after observing her defeat Makuta Obsidiakh. He was also one of the engineers, alongside Atarangi, Gringat and Krikitt, who constructed the six Great Engines that allowed Korrothis to fly through the Matoran Universe.

Lianyu also maintained a close connection with his home village, becoming hailed as a sort of eccentric celebrity...


When Makuta Teridax sent Mata-Nui crashing into Aqua Magna, the Great Cataclysm rocked the entire universe. Lianyu's hometown was destroyed as Voya Nui separated from the Southern Continent, the Weave went haywire, and many of the inhabitants of Korrothis died due to being too sensitive to the fluctuations.

Bedbound for days afterwards as the fires and floods raged, Lianyu finally managed to focus himself. He and the other five Archons of Life banded together to solve one of the greatest problems facing the dying universe; the malfunction of the Red Star. Half of his team sacrificed themselves and fused to form the entity known as Drothmarr, who would take on the solemn duty of ferrying the deceased spirits of the matoran universe to the afterlife.

After this, Lianyu joined the Archons of Light under the Av-Nui, Balin and his comerades joined the Archons of Shadow. Lianyu is one of the few individuals who knows anything about Drothmarr, and rarely if ever talks about him. Due to his new place in the Light, the Kra-Nui, Nivorn, made Lianyu a shadowy mirror image of his Sepal Sword, to help him maintain balance. Lianyu would go on to become the guardian over Karda Nui and the Swamp of Secrets over the next millenium.

Lianyu aided the Toa Nuva in their mission to bring Mata-Nui back to life, and barely managed to transport himself back to Korrothis before the energy storms hit.

Centuries later, Lianyu would be one of many toa departing from Spherus Magna to search for Atmos Magna, with Korrothis serving as their ark to take them all there.

Lianyu is the self-MOC of GoldenArpeggio! I made him just over a year ago while I was very ill and had to take half a year out from university.

The build was very fun, if simple, though I felt he didn't need to be super complicated. Unlike most MOCs of mine, Lianyu has a lot of kibbles.

We have the Sepal Sword, Leaf Daggers, Moss Shield and Madu Cabolo Launchers. These are based on the Sepal Sword, Leaf Daggers, Moss Shield and Daikau Plant Pack wielded by the original Toa Lianyu and the Dark Sepal Sword wielded by Dark Lianyu.

Here's the orignals!

My theme for him is Ta Ga Tame No Sekai, AKA A World Made For Somebody Else by Akiko Shikata. The lyrics fit him well, I think.

Cape is this part, recut in white. My original is all grubby, so I decided to remake it. Not my best work.
White hands are a reference to Eruei's gloves. White for his loincloth robe thingy to help balance it out hopefully without looking like it's a proper part of his armour. Colour scheme is wierd for me since it features two trans-colours, gold, grey, all sorts of greens (though lime is the only green used for his actual armour) and white. I wanted to make him look older and more archaic than some of my other toa.


that's a pretty cool jungle vibe

I like the various textures on him, they really add to the MOC.


I was going to inquire about the similarities between the MOC's name and the island Oliver Queen was stranded on in Arrow...

But I see the MOC came first, so...

Really well executed ideas here, and a really solid build!

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I love the colours. :smile:

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I love it.

I'm in love with the green and gold

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Nice. Definitely a good example of what I said about your building style. :smile:


Simply perfect 10/10. Wait is that trans blue? 9.9999999999/10

Why does Trans-blue dock me 0.00000000001 points? XD


Personal Preference. I find trans blue a mild annoyance as I dont think that it fits w the element.

Toa of Plantlife do need to have blue on them in some form though. At least in Gen 1.

Huh. The more you know emmawright? 10/10.00000000000000000000000001 because I still dont like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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