Light Sources in the GSR

Feel like the title does this topic justice. What were the light sources for the different locations? I feel like Metru Nui’s makes somewhat sense, appears to be the eyes allowing in some light. What about the other locations? Were there just overhanging lamps in the different sections?


Ez there’s just lamps as you mentioned-probably on rails to create day and night cycle. The lamps would presumably be those special lamps that give off the same light as the sun. Also the dome/sphere would probably need a coating to help reflect and diffuse light throughout the air to create a more spread out light. Idk if that’s the answer you were after :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: thinking about it maybe karda nui provides enough light for said light to be refracted around the inside?


It’s one of the reasons I wish we had gotten to see more of the “inner MU” locations throughout the story. Having to design non-celestial light sources isn’t a common issue in worldbuilding, but it’s one that could lead to a ton of creative and visually stunning locations, I’m sure. The descriptions for Artakha and Karzahni (the islands) kind of inferred some interesting stuff, for example.

But yeah. Canonically, t’s pretty vague how light is produced in the MU, other than “artificial light” rather than openings like Metru Nui’s suns.