Lighting Ideas 2.0

I liked taking epic pictures of my sets so much last wave I just had to do it again.
Here are some pretty cool pictures I took including all the Toa, Ekimu, Grinder, Warrior, and Scorpio.

What are your thoughts?
Do You have a favorite?
Feel free to use any or all of these pictures if you like them.


ErhMahGerd Ahkeemou is glowing! smile


Try to hide the flashlight so it isn't so obvious . smile


I think what I realized above all else is, the less you can see of Skull Scorpio, the better he becomes.



I love that shot with Kulta.

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I like the penultimate one because of the glowing trans.

I like the last one because it looks like the skull villains have just stepped out of nothingness and that Kulta is about to brutally murder you.

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I tried that with the Piece of paper in pictures 4, 6 and 10.

That last pic with all three Skull guys is my favorite.

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