Lighting Ideas

Here are some Pictures I took when I first collected all the 2015 toa; I had fun with the Lighting in the photos.
Any comments, critiques, or ideas?


I really like the fourth, second and sixth one. Those ones present to me as a more actiony style. However, I'll give my thoughts on all of them.

  1. Simple and straight to the point. It helps showcase our heroes.

  2. This is awesome. A silhouette really helps give the more "mysterious" yet heroic vibe, like our heroes are coming from the light to help those in the darkness.

  3. This reminds me of one of those spotlight as a theater.

  4. Straight to the point and slightly better than the first one. The colors stick out more and the blue background gives good contrast.

  5. Again, gives me a super-hero vibe, except this time it makes them feel they're in the streets.

  6. This reminds me of one of those detective films or something, where they flash a single light on a character with the rest of the background being black, but the characters are full colors. I really like this one.


I like the fifth photo. There's something about it.

I really like the second and the sixth. The second has a feel like that of the Inika. The sixth looks like a dawn with renewed hope. That's just what they remind me of.

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