Likus' Alpha Kopaka

Reimagining of Kopaka with a lightsaber.


I didn’t know that Kopaka could use Chi! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Chima/Bionicle link cunfurmed!!!111!1!1!

Very nICE looking. Very COOL indeed!

Sorry, I’ll stop!

I like the look of it, I think it’d be cool if you added more blade around the lightsaber somehow!

Eh I like the look of the blade by itself. Thanks for the compliment dude.

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Ooooooh! That upper chest looks great! I’m not sure that I’ve seen this method before! :thumbsup:

The technique has been done before. It’s Fenrek’s design. He used it on his hover tank.


really love the rib-like design


The torso is very well designed and it kind of reminds me of Iron Man.

The legs are also consistent, but the arms look a little simplistic.

This is neat.
The arms look too short,thought.

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Kopaka is a Jedi

Now we just need his Midiclorian count too see if he is the chosen one

I am so so sorry

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A pretty cool looking MOC, but the lots of different textures in different places looks off. So does having some areas with silver on top of white while others are white on top of silver. The neck looks as it it’s too far back, the torso is far too long and seems disjointed at the waist and that in turn makes the arms look far too short. They should reach about halfway down his upper leg.

This is another seriously flawed MOC. I really hope it’s not the start of a pattern :confused:

There are no silver pieces on the entire moc. They’re all gunmetal, even the one on the lower arm that looks silver is gunmetal.

Fantastic work. I’m a not fan the short arms and torso has some issues regarding both shape and textures, but all in all Kopaka looks great.

With that center chest piece my first thought was ‘Oh, kopaka has an Arc Reactor now.’ but this is a very nice looking moc. I really like the use of the mctoran limbs in the shoulders, though I’m not a fan of the use of the lightsaber here…

The proportions seem really off, but I love the look of the legs. :smile:

This is amazing!

Light sabers make everything better!

That Is just Amazing…12/10