Likus' Alpha Kopaka

this looks cool, but not as a revamped kopaka. it takes more to do that than to stick the mask on and say "it’s Kopaka because it has an Akaku nuva! " it’s a really cool looking moc, though. What @Gringat said about the layering may seem strange to more advanced MOCcers but I don’t care because it looks like the colors are blended. Also, the “different textures” thing is cool, because it could look like he’s just wearing pants! (he’s topless, is what I mean). Also, I can’t tell, but is he holding the lightsaber, or is it like the assassins creed wrist weapon? I can’t tell because of the fingers. Either way, it would be cool!
9/10 becuse it doesn’t have enough Kopaka features to make it an “Omega Kopaka”. If you add a shield, I think that would do.

Pretty neat, but I agree with the rest on its flaws.

I think it’s pretty cool! I love the chest, it looks like an Iron Man arc reactor!

It’s cool, but I’m not a fan of the legs. I imagine Kopaka as being more of a knight-styled character; like how he is in 2015.