So, today I’d like to forgo any description and ask a question: is there a format that you would prefer I’d use?

Obviously this is mostly applicable who’ve seen my posts, but also in general, is there something you’d like me to write about a character? I want to optimize it.

Please help!


I feel like this could use less black and more red, but it’s still great!

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You’ve made bewbs work before
Here, I don’t think they work all too good.
That said, the rest of the moc is pretty solid.


@yolo360nosescope Aw, shucks, the red is just a highlight! :slight_smile:

@HewksDKowlihad You’re probably right. But I had to try!


don’t got much to say other than the torso…

just kinda feels awkward with the chest.


it’s a little too large, and rigid.

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The MOC looks really good, except, I think the feet are too small.

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The, eh, “upper chest” area sticks out too much, and the black needs to be spread out more. Otherwise, great job.

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Thanks, I appreciate that


@LaserKnight Yeah, for a Bionicle.

@BBricks Thanks. I can definitely see where you are coming from.

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Normally you seem to have a knack for making stuff that’s nearly suicidal for other builders to attempt actually work.

Here, not so much, I think. I don’t think the off-color pins and inconsistent textures of the rest of the MOC are really helpful to that end, especially with how…weird…the upper arms turned out.

Still has a pretty cool silhouette though.


Aw, that’s a shame. Thanks for the feedback, though. I guess it’s back to the drawing board!

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As others have said, the chest feels a bit too far out, but if brought in a little more, the MOC would be perfect.

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I think this looks really cool! I like the torso build, and wouldn’t say they’re is a problem with the metru armour. It looks more like a cage for a reactor or energy core if not trying to denote femininity. The red accents work well, my only gripe is the dreaded blue pins, I think this would be a case for the tan ones. Great :+1:.

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Looks like veilika got a sweet new upgrade.

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For me, I like all of it except for the plating on the shins, I feel they could definitely be a little bit smaller. The lower arms also feel a little bit too short. That aside, I like the overall look of this, but wish there could’ve been more red.

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The Piraka feet look a bit awkward as lower leg armor, but the rest of the MOC is pretty good.

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