Knight Soldier
The inspiration came from thr game For Honor this was build around the next weak after it was release.


Not too shabby. Could be better.

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The model isn’t too clear and the cropping jpg isn’t cut clean.

Anywho, the color and stability seems alright and I question why the figure on the top has a different build.


The 3 you see is the same figure that is the top thats its original look it just has the ability to “Link” with other military vehicles that i build for different abilities.

I would like to see bigger pictures, but I’ll judge it based off what I see

I don’t see why you made two different figures when you could’ve gone the other route and just made an armor set. The top figure seems really flat and the armor flow is meh.

The bottom figure is interesting, but I can’t ever see the chest clearly so I can’t tell if the chest is any better than the top one. The legs are a downgrade, as they lose he bulkiness from the top version. The arms are better tho.

Its…the…same…figure…there aren’t two just one…

They are very different in build so I’m inclined to think that they’re two. If it is just one that’s a lot of parts swapping that could probably be done more efficiently.

Its just 4 parts the legs the arms and chest idk if the sword and shield would count but lets say they do so 6 parts

Swapping out entire limvs and chest sorta makes it two different figures. What I’m trying to say is to make a frame and then add different armor things on top. Somewhat like my Knightly Mecha.

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So only the head is the same between the two builds? I like the shape of the shield, but the anti-studs probably aren’t worth it.

Its actually the head and torso of the top “figure” the the 6 parts “link” or combine to have different abilities