Literature: The Price

“Are you sure it’s safe?” Gali asked, looking hesitantly at the pod she had been told to step into.
“Yes. It’s fine. We’ll just be in there a moment.” Tahu said firmly, although the Toa of Water noticed he didn’t quite meet her gaze.
“This is just to get us to Metru Nui faster. There’s trouble there now, and we don’t have time to get there by boat.” Kopaka said, although he too looked away. Pohatu and Onua were already in their pods, and seemed to have entered some kind of sleep. Lewa was also inside, and was just entering dormancy as the other three Toa spoke.
Gali sighed deeply. “Fine, but remember, you promised.” She said, entering the pod. The green glass door slid up from the bottom, sealing her inside. She soon was deep in sleep, and Tahu and Kopaka looked at each other. The two friends stood silently for a long time, thinking about all the adventures their team had gone on.
Kopaka finally broke the silence. “I’ll see you when we wake up” he said, turning to leave.
“Wait.” Tahu said, taking his red shield out from behind his back. “I want you to have this. You were always more skilled than I with the shield.”
Kopaka nodded and took the shield, watching as it turned white as soon as he touched it, like frost spreading over a pond. “Thank you, brother, I take your gift gladly. Farewell.” The Ice Master said, entering his pod, the shield now attached to his back.
Tahu watched as his friend entered his chamber, and as the door slid up. He too entered his pod, and looked around at his sleeping team. Sorrow filled him. He had lied to them. When they awoke, if they remembered anything, they would hate him. He had said two minutes, when the time might never come. He opened his mouth, and hoped in the bottom of his heart that they might hear him, even as they slept. “I’m sorry.” And the door slammed shut.


Nice story. I always felt this was a missed oppurtunity on the writer’s part.

Renamed it so as to not be misleading. Hope you don’t mind.


Wasn’t a similar scene in Swamp of Secrets? Regardless, this was well-written. The idea of the shield originally being Tahu’s is interesting.

Great characterization and voice really aids this story. You could alter your word choice and tone between characters to really help identify them as Gali, Kopaka, etc. Have you ever considered writing longer stories?

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