Little crab rahi V2

Hi everyone, Un’Jaguk here!
This is the second version of the little crab rahi M.O.C. that I built and posted a while ago.

Cool shot:




C&C are as always welcome and appreciated!


very nice little rahi.

Nothing like ze Crab!

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Nice! I like the brown! Shame regular CCBS bones never came in silver…

However, I feel like this creation would benefit greatly from being shot from an angle. With a simple MOC like this, all you really need is one well-composed, well-lit photo that shows most of the important details on a plain background.

Here’s a great (very old) blog-post from the ever-amazing Jang on the subject:

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Nice build for the crab!
Let the crab rave begin!!!

I like this Little crab rahi