Lobster Shall have his XBone

I really wanna play Halo 5, so I began to save some money for an Xbox One. The first problem here is that I need about $600 for this. My next p[problem is the skull villains, and how I need them. I have some money saved up for the summer sets and that is great, but what about my Xbox. My genius solution to this though is this little jar, which I shall fill with change...

...The current total is $12.65, only 587.35 to go. So I shall be updating this with my progress, and you can watch my journey. I will probably tell you were I get the change as well, to spice it up a little bit...


ey another australian

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Hope you get your real salsa filled up soon enough.

And so the tale of the Lobster has begun,

I hope you make it!...

this is a strange topic.

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Good luck man!

This is genius.
Thanks for keeping us informed on this.

Wulf! Fire the change cannon!

@Wolfanon_Moonshadow rises from the dead and fires a cannon filled with spare clothes at Lobster

darn it Wulf I said the change cannon, not the change of clothes cannon


I wish you luck

@EvilLobsterKing, what's the update on the jar?

I feel this man, I saved up for a Wii U while using a pot! It's a long and tedious journey, but the satisfaction once you get there is incredible.

You have my Kohlii Stick.
And my
Wishful thinking I guess?
Either way, good luck.


If I email you a picture of one dollar USD will that help?


schwarzenegger voice
goh for eet

yeou can do eet

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Sure it would, it would help and inspire me to be the best I can be...

Can't forget to take into account the juice box-ramen fund, spartan's gotta have his ramen.

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Update Time.

Okay then I have a new image with some dosh money I got...

That there is $17.60 in front of the jar, with the notes being obtained for washing my dads car. With that I now have a total of $30.25. Also since the new sets have hit stores here in Australia, it shouldn't be too long before I can dedicate all my funds towards this...


When you reach your goal, we will be friends. Just tell me your gamertag when that time comes.

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So another update to my dead topic, I have a new total of $32.75...

...Truth be told this is kinda outdated since that 50 no longer exists as I have pre-ordered it and have got some more money but for the sake of reasons it will be put up tomorrow or something...


you get closer and closer good sir