Locus Update

I lengthened his arms and spread his hips out a little.


Everything is still too long.
The legs and torso need to be shorter if you want proper proportions

He is supposed to be this tall.

That is the theme. Tall and majestic.

you can make him tall if you want, but his proportions are still off

Dude he isn’t supposed to be a normal sized glatorian. Its a moc, it doesn’t have to be extremely accurate. There are plenty of mocs that have really tall bodies and weird proportions that are still great.

The point isn’t accuracy. The point is that the MOC just looks odd because his silhouette is super skinny and lanky, with short arms and super long legs. You can accept the feedback or you can not; but you should know that it isn’t coming out of nowhere.


Sorry didn’t mean to sound rude. At first I was told the hands were too long now they are too short. Idk what to do to him without completely redoing his entire build. Perhaps longer custom arms?

Longer arms would help
I’m not trying to cut it down to glatorian size, but there are always important proportions to keep in mind no matter how skinny, tall, short, or squat your moc is.

A little lanky was the idea as well. You think it will be good if I lengthen his arms a little? Also his legs were bulkier at first but they looked really weird.

Not everything needs to be human proportioned. I for one appreciate this! :slight_smile:


That’s true, but “everything” falls into a wide category of things. Obviously a wolf shouldn’t have human proportions, but something like a werewolf is still humanoid and have some similarity to human proportions

Yeah lengthening the arms would help
Try to get the fingertips to be just above the knee joint

Right, because a werewolf is half-human, half-wolf. But this isn’t a human.

Ok I fixed him up a little.

It’s still humanoid. Its body shape is derived from that of a human’s. So it would make sense to assume that it has somewhat humanoid proportions as well
Obviously there are exceptions to this, but there’s still a pretty general rule for proportions for humanoid things.

Well… I for one would look past the supposed “bad proportions” and take a look at the level of detail this guy put into his build. I’m going to say this. That doing a custom torso: is no small feat. It takes creativity and thought-out planning. I also like what you did with those spike things that curl inward, giving it almost a “holy” status, if that makes sense? The swords are on the short side. But that can easily be fixed or be left like that. It doesn’t really matter. I like how you proportionated the contrast between gold and silver. I don’t know if this is a taboo thing to do. But from what I’ve come across, mixing gold and silver is not really a good idea. Since they are in a way primary or secondary colors that stand out on their own. Depending on the build. If you get what I mean. But yeah props man and when you got the parts, revamp him.

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Thanks for that dude! Yeah the torso was not easy at all. Underneath the armor its a jumble of pins, axles, and lift arms that you can tell were thrown together with hopes for the best. I ended up spending most of my time tweaking the torso to make it better. Yeah I was going for a “Tall, Divine, and Majestic” take on a great being and this is what came out. I think his little mantle with the glowing orb helped with that as well. The blades and mantle were inspired by the Protoss Purifier Legionnaires from Star Craft 2 which is why the blades are on the shorter side. Yeah I never considered the silver & gold thing and didn’t realized that I didn’t do too bad with proportioning the colors till you said that. Also this is a digital MOC so I can revamp him any time. I might give him a large Flying Snake pet. Thanks for the feedback!

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