Long Discussion: Which is the Best Toa Team?

Mmm, I'd have to say that the Mahri would be my pick for "best Toa team". The fact that they managed to be thrown into such an important task, with little to no prior experience, and succeeded gives them a lot of points from me. Not only did they succeed, but they were also able to work together as a team, respected each other and were involved in possibly the most memorable moment in G1's story. RIP Matoro #neverforget.

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Hi! Thank you! No, no, don't worry! You can discuss this subject! I don't care if you're subjective! Actually, a subjective discussion would be better! So c'mon, join! I like "open-minded" people like you!

I also thing the Toa Metru/Hordika are the best!!


Toa nuva in karda nui? I think Its cool how they went airborne

Well I noticed that the more obscure Toa teams have been excluded, such as the Hagah (my personal favorite) and the Mangai, etc. The exclusion of these bring up the question how do you define best? If split into story and sets like @Scorpion_Strike did, then typically the newer the sets mean the newer parts, armor/weapons, and redesigns, allowing for greater function and detail, meaning the most recent wave is the best.

Story-wise is much more difficult to answer and it goes back to the obscurity of some Toa teams, like Lesovikk’s, Jovan’s, Hagah and Mangai. Does less story coverage mean that these teams are worse?

The Hagah once successfully raided the Makuta Fortress of Destral, beating the Makuta on their home turf, an achievement that nobody has mentioned directly, and even as Rahaga, they overcame their physical transformation and helped the universe against the Visorak and other beasties. Toa Jovan’s team also saved Mata Nui from dying, sacrificing one of their members like Matoro @Hutere, yet they aren’t even considered. The Toa Mangai saved Metru Nui(the brain of the robot) from Dark Hunter takeover and the Kanohi Dragon, but aren’t seriously considered @Mar .

And with regard to the Toa Metru it can be said that they had one major failure, which was to “save the heart of Metru Nui,” or the Matoran, which they had to resort to plan B(get them out later when they were in the spheres), allowing Makuta to cause the Great Cataclysm and shutting down the entire Great Spirit Robot. Despite failing to prevent the rise of Makuta and failing to prevent the Great Cataclysm, which would later lead to Mata Nui dying, the Toa Metru are still considered story-wise as one of the better teams because of their development in the story, that is, they became Turaga.

The point being, best story-wise can’t be determined because, of the vague meaning of “best.” Does best mean more story coverage, more importance to the story, more development in the story, or more achievement in the story? Because a team is less famous than the Toa Mata, Metru and Inika, or is deceased does it mean that it can’t be considered as best?

A more specific answerable question would be which is the Most Powerful Toa Team?

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In my opinion only Kopaka, Lewa, Pohatu, and Onua do this. Gali and Tahu were downgrades, Gali having terrible proportions and a build almost identical to that of Pohatu, and Tahu having WAY TOO MUCH GOLD

In terms of Toa team from best to worst:

  1. Inika/Mahri: They had the most cohesion in the team, and Jaller was a solid leader, even more than Tahu. And we can’t forget about Matoro :stuck_out_tongue:

T-2. Mata/Nuva: Even though they accomplished a lot, they constantly squabbled and at one point the team was dissolved. Only later did they learn the value of unity.

T-2. Metru/Hordika: Even though they accomplished a lot (like the Nuva) the team (with the exception of Nokama) more often than not questioned Vakama’s leadership, with Matau and Onewa calling him out with derogatory terms (i.e. firespitter). This led Vakama to defect to the Visorak.

  1. The Okotan Toa: They had little to no cooperation, with Tahu and Kopaka constantly fighting over who leads the team. They were also very flat and stagnant characters, and the only lesson they learn (somewhat) is unity.

Subjectively, I like the Mahri. Objectively, idk.