Look, he has your eyes

"They are full of fear."
Hooray for making a reference that nobody seems to understand!


I get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off was a very interesting game.

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This is a groovy Picture man. But I have no idea what it is suppose to be. One of these days I'll have to look into this "Off" thing.

You really should. Then you can talk about it and nobody will understand it!


Okay I will.

That game scares me. Not because of SPOILER the final boss being a monsterous version of the protagonist if you chose to fight as the cat at the end, but because of the whole environment of the game: it's so depressing and discouraging.

Back on topic I really like this art, hope you'll leave this in B/W.

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Just wondering, what's B/W?
Also, thank you!

Black and white.


Ah, ok. Thanks, and yes, I'll leave it in black and white.

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