Looking for a good artist

Ive got a MOC I was hoping someone could make Art for. This might get taken down but I just want some decent art.


I think the term "artist" would work better.

I could do it, but i'll take some creative liberties i.e. will not be a photographic replica type of drawing...is that okay?

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i could do it, if you want

@Brunamal @Rockho thank you. I was waiting for those :slight_smile:

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Can I see an example? Not to be rude, like at all.

here we are, you can also find this art work on the boards, called metroid queen, I like to draw, a lot.


Go right ahead! I'll let other people draw Lynis too, so its fair.


You know I am the guy!

I know an artist who will do it for free

I like looking at different peoples skills, I appreciate the drawing of the two I sent you

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Did you finish drawing Lynis?

Last time, at school, I got tons of tests. Some other things… I didn’t have enough time. Do you want to make him as fast as possible?

No! Not at all, I was just wondering if you even started yet lol

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Well I can-


I can still try if no one has already done it.

Don’t we all.

Uh lol did you get any art in the end? I draw and paint, I’m no good at people but I could give it a go.

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It’s been like 4 years lmao

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LOL-so would you be interested?

Here ya go

(Sorry it’s so light. The pencil I was using to shade couldn’t go any darker)



I predict this topic will be closed any second now.

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