Looking for a good artist

Did you finish drawing Lynis?

Last time, at school, I got tons of tests. Some other things… I didn’t have enough time. Do you want to make him as fast as possible?

No! Not at all, I was just wondering if you even started yet lol

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Well I can-


I can still try if no one has already done it.

Don’t we all.

Uh lol did you get any art in the end? I draw and paint, I’m no good at people but I could give it a go.

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It’s been like 4 years lmao

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LOL-so would you be interested?

Here ya go

(Sorry it’s so light. The pencil I was using to shade couldn’t go any darker)



I predict this topic will be closed any second now.

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Pls don’t close the topic-I’ve already started on a my own drawing for frostbyte.

Nah it ain’t closed, I’m open to anyone drawing them :blush:

you might wanna fix your double posts.

it’s kinda against the rules.


Ta Da! Was a bit busy but finally remembered to finish this. Hope your like it dude!
Edit: darn I forgot the wings :confused: I can add those later if ya want.


We should convert this to a topic for
people who just generally need art.

Like me. I don’t need any right now though.


That’s a really cool idea!


@N01InParticular Does this work for you?

This is prefect.

THAT LOOKS AWESOMEE!!! Thanks dude! And no it’s ok I don’t need the wings cause that looks 100% accurate to my final draft of him from way back in the day


Thank you! I’m so glad you like it. It’s the first drawing I’ve done for someone else.

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