Looking For Life Sized Kraakhan

Does anyone have any Prinout Kraahkan? that i could print out?


Title seems A little misleading, shouldn’t it be more like “Looking for life sized Kraahkan”?

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Oh sorry im new here

Edited Title for Clarity ~ MyNameIsHutere

Why did I read this as “Looking for Life-Sized Kraken?” ._.


I feel the pain in searching for a life sized kraahkan i love that mask (my favorite) but good thing for you is this http://the-magic-tuba-pixie.tumblr.com/post/95036391576/nowhen-but-now-crunchbitenuva-kraahkan one day i will make my own. I dont not take any credit for this file

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That’s a double negative

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lol ok

@Calebmar12 Thanks caleb this is the closest i can get! By far its the best kanohi

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Nice someone should start a project makeing EVERY mask but in papercraft

Pretty sure someone already did, at least with a few of them. Download links arent working tho. I’ll try to dig them up to see if I have them anywhere.