Looking for some Bionicle comic ideas!

Okay! I'm planning to start a comic series! Some of you have seen my drawing style, some of you may have not. Nonetheless, I have a few questions....

  1. Which masks are easiest to draw?
    I'm going for a more "cartoony" style (as usual) and will have to draw the masks multiple times. It would be very helpful if I could know which masks are easiest to draw because of this.

  2. What genre?
    Should it be an adventure? A comedy? Both? Who knows! Wait.... You will, because I'm asking you... nevermind...

  3. Which generation?
    Should it be from Gen I or Gen II?
    I draw them pretty differently!

  4. Should I use matoran/villagers, toa or both?
    This will determine the characters for the story- How they look and act! It doesn't have to be just those, either!

  5. Where should I draw them?
    Should it be on looseleaf? On blank (computer) paper? In a sketchpad? If so, big or small?

  6. Should I add color?
    If so, they might not come out as quickly, but they will look nice!

If you answer these, thanks a lot! I truly appreciate it! :smile:

I'd say the original 2001 masks are some of the more easier to draw. MNOG really helped me draw them better.

Generation 1.

Both. I feel the relationship of Toa and Matoran is dynamic because Toa are practically Matoran but taller and have powers, and they're all about the same age, so it can get pretty weird.

I'd go with blank paper.

Color is something I would highly recommend.

Thanks! I'll take this into consideration! :smile:
But... You skipped one of the questions! :laughing:

Bleh. You decide on that one.

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Anyone else want to answer any questions?

1: The '01 masks are the easiest to draw.
2: I don't like things I can take seriously, so I'd say comedy.
3: Gen1 is easier.
4: They all have their perks and disadvantages.
5: IDK, that's more personal preference than something you ask people.
6: Same as before.

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Thanks! It's cool hearing different opinions! And yes, I was primarily considering comedy, unless you guys wanted it otherwise!

I would change the title to "I am looking for some Bionicle Comic Series ideas" for something to that jist.

  1. Great Hau, Great Kaukau, Great Miru, Great Kakama, Great Pakari.

  2. Adventure.

  3. Crossover.

  4. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the characters.

  5. Whatever makes the comic more professional.

  6. YUS.

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  1. Depends on how you draw them. A simplistic style like MNOG or the 2015 animations would be good.

  2. I'd sort of like an action one, but it's really your choice.

  3. Generation 2, I'd be like working on a blank canvas from the writing/plot perspective. Or could just leave the continuity ambiguous.

  4. Whoever you feel works. You can even make your own characters if you feel like it.

  5. Probably on a blank sheet of paper.

  6. Color is a very important part in comics, but if you don't want to add color it's fine. If you decide to go with color I suggest you study the backgrounds of comics, for no color I suggest you flip through some no-color manga (be careful with this one though) to compensate for no color.

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How about you create your own masks?

dark, gritty, n' edgy horror

Comedy, and considering that you're going for a cartoony style, you can exaggerate expressions that would make it even more amusing

Gen 2...i've seen way too many Gen 1 comics n' stories lately. Plus, since the storyline is much simpler, you can worry less about "breaking canon", and this would go hand-in-hand with making your own masks, because Ekimu has forged many that has yet to be seen...

Matoran are more quirky and playful IMO, and you can create your own villagers.

Good 'ol paper

Nah...just try to add more shading though

1.) not sure, never tried.
2.) an adventure with some action and goofy scenes.
3.) Gen 1
4.) Skakdi (doesn't have to be just Skakdi but mostly)
5.) again not sure, whichever feels more natural
6.) YA! :smile:

just to clarify some of my weird answers, I was thinking of a treasure hunt story featuring Skakdi in a humanized, but over the top way (humanized as in 'not acting like complete psychopaths', not drawing style)

EDIT: If you have your heart set on toa or villagers, I vote for villagers.. but pirate-y ones :tongue:

Okay! The series is going to be called "Bonkles", and it'll be a comedy featuring matoran and the occasional toa, Rahi, Skakti, and whatnot. It will be on computer paper and will have color.

Any more suggestions? :smile:


Gen.1 2001 Boom blowed your mind.

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How's this?

Pay no attention to the last two panels, as they came out horribly! :laughing:
This is just a test run. What do you think? It'll probably look better when it actually starts!

Obviously a parody of this Peanuts comic!

You're welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:


looks good, but having a hard time reading the text

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"Well! Here comes ol' Parauri!"
"Good ol' Parauri. Yes sir!"
"Good ol' Parauri..."
"How I hate him."
In case you couldn't read it! :smile:

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ahh, thnx

Pakari is easy, Miru is easy, Hau is easy...actually most 01 masks are easy. Anything that isn't awfully piston loaded.

I enjoy action-y comics!

G1 comics are common, but they offer a lot more lore to work with. G2 would be fresh and new and offer a lot more in the way of inventing new story as there is little restricting it.

Not sure, I would say a good mix of both, but include some non-Matoran race characters too, they're always interesting.

If I were you, I'd invest in a cheap electronic drawing pad and download Gimp. It makes coloring and drawing so much easier and convenient!

See last answer!

Good luck!

Okay! If I were to do some TTV comics, should they be drawn (on computer), or pixelated?

All personal preference I'd say. Whichever you're better at.