Looking for stl-files


I looked all over but I can’t seem to find any stl-files for some parts I wanted to print, so I wanted to ask here if anyone has them. The parts I’m looking for are some official LEGO parts, and are the following:

  • Part 57533, kanohi Volitak (original shape)
  • Part 32574, noble kanohi Rau
  • Part 47308, great kanohi Huna
  • Part 53549, Inika foot Elliptical
  • Part 53544, Inika upper arm cover
  • Part 41668, Bohrok foot

If anyone has an idea where I could find these or if anyone has them, much appreciated!


All of these parts are in the biopack (a fan-made add-on to studio), and you could presumably get the stl files for them by downloading it

This piece can be found in Tammy Calamity’s Bionicle Database of Studio Models, in the file for the toa mahri

Hope this helps



That’s a huge help, thanks!
I don’t know if I did something wrong with installing the pack in Stud.io, but it seems that the Part 53549, Inika foot Elliptical and Part 41668, Bohrok foot are missing from there. Is it not in there, or could it be something I did?

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Never mind, found them! Thanks!

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