Lord Nosferatu, the Archvampire

People wanted to see a spoopy vampire so I give them a spoopy vampire

No real story with this one. I was playing some Plague Inc after I found out that they added the shadow plague and I qwanted to make a vampire moc so I recycled an old torso and made this thing.
Some other pictures:

Some shots of the build:

Cool shot of him taking off his cape:

Endless pain

And just some other things that I threw in there:

So what do you think? I also want to know what you wand to to do next. Do you want me to show off another moc? If so, wich one do you want to see? Muscle man, Sir Caliphate’s brother, or another sponsorship from Millennium Enterprises. Or do you want me to show some more art stuff or write some short stories about some of my mocs that I’ve posted in the past, if so, wich one?

I hope you enjoyed!


Absolutely love the head.

Next show off another MOC. I’m not much for story.

This moc have a pretty good amount of expression, it’s more of a “cartoonish villain” to me.

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Very spoopy.

I love it.

Not much of a fan of the head, but it works well.

Show the MOC of the Muscle Man next because why not

Who’s been flickering the lights?

The head is a little blocky, but it otherwise has such a comedic charm. The rest of the figure is well done and fits the character well.

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Not accurate enough 0/10

He looks pretty cool, minus the exposed CCBS skeleton arms.


The head reminds me about a Mixel set from the last series.

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I like the mixture of black and gold, the red making a good accent. The build is cool, bit the cake is really what helps complete the look.

This looks pretty great. All except for the hea-

Never mind. This moc is perfect.

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Spoopy caped cryptid is spoopy :eyes:
Would definitely not want to see those glowing red eyes at night

Looks really nice. Very well done and very sp00p.