Lord of Dragons what do you think?


Dragonborn Much?

Nice spin on the Inika build. I didn’t even see it at first!

Fus ro Dah

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I meant this


thanks if you want i could show how i did some other things on it

sry i have never played skyrim

Edited for double-post. Also, should probably give this topic a read. :slight_smile: --Jack O’Neill

Dragonborn are a race from D&D

double posted?

read this topic

I think I like it. More pics would be great.


An interesting use of the Ben 10 torso piece

wowa i never knew ben 10 could turn into a dragon

also add more color to it

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The design of the MOC is really good, but the colour scheme is could use some orange and Mata red.

That Omnitrix though.
I actually like this concise build.

ok i´ll will try it and look if it looks good

by the way thanks for all the respons and the critic i was nervous what peapole would think about this moc so thanks everybody!!!

i have a question do you think my moc will be on the TTV chanels moc spotlight

Pretty intimidating!

Ok but were on the on moc

A update to Lord of Dragons

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I love the build though I’m not sure how to feel about the omnitrix symbol. I looks odd like some Ben 10 fanfiction material.