Lord of the Trees

Yeah I know, I drew this in my notebook. Not my best piece but I still like it.

This is a creature I drew for Emerald, a dragon-like creature based on trees. It starts off as a normal man but slowly becomes this hideous creature, taken over by a parasitic seed, his mind consumed by the plant itself and used to make the plant sentient.

I had this weird inspiration to make the body lean and like a dog's while the forearms would be more lizard-like. Of course, said creature is made of wood.

So what do you guys think? What should I improve? What should I name this thing?


you could say he's barking mad


Looks pretty spoop. I like the small details.

The looks really cool! I especially love the cloaked figure!


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Looks pretty neat with the thorns

reminds me of this old drawing of mine:

yours look of course better than mine.

I really enjoy the concept and backstory for this. The drawing itself is a little rough around the edges, but conveys the character well enough.

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