Lord_Tuma's Bionicle Art

I quite enjoy drawing, as some of you may know! On this topic, I’ll post my Bionicle artwork!
First off, my “Sketch of Useless Junk” featuring TTV!

Next up, Vakama Metru and Hordika, along with a heavily stylized Takua and a fat Makuta I tried to draw in the dark.

Then there’s my favorite Toa Nuva, Takanuva! I really don’t care if he was only honorary! /s @tak210


You’ve got a great style.
I like it…


Thanks! :smile:

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Nice. :smile_cat:

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I like all of it, but Vakama Hordika’s eye looks a hint to feminine, and Takanua’s feet are a bit large. But, the fact that I have to resort to tiny nit picks to criticize them is a good sign.

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I got bored (as usual) and drew this quickly on my tablet!

I would estimate it took 5-7 minutes!

If there’s any criticism to be had, it’s that Tahu seems to have misplaced his neck.

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