Lord Winter

This is Lord Winter my self MOC

Front view of the head,

Front bottom veiw

Back View

Quick look at the shield connection


Hmm idk, it looks extremely simple. It’s not bad, but not all too great. The shield is simple but effective, aside from that it looks like a standard protector build.


Well he started as a what would Kopaka look like protector sized? And I liked it so much it became my self MOC


Well, you succeeded.


I really like how compact he is.

Wonderful adaption.

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Pretty neat little moc

I just realized i hadn’t commented on this yet. Well I just did so there you go. /s

He needs a bit more of his own character. No offense, but he looks like a cross between Kopaka and Izotor (which I guess was the point) but he doesn’t stand out much as his own character.

For what it is, though, I do quite like it :smile:

The upper legs could be a tad shorter, however.

I’ve since updated him, and I will be adding pictures once I have them

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