Lore Day 2014!

Today, Sunday Spetember 21, 2014, is Lore Week! Talk about the story, and lore of Bionicle. Any questions that have simple answers? Put me here! Discuss things? Whose your favorite character? What's your favorite year? These are all up for disscussion.


I vote this day be changed to Legend Day.

But anyway, I wanna point out. Not only is the Mask of Life OP, it's also a jerk.

It basically killed Dekar, and at the same time turned his transformed corpse into a slave.


Yeah when you look at it that way it's pretty harsh stuck_out_tongue

Yeah, IKR!?

I mean, Dekar was just an innocent Everyman, he didn't do anything wrong, man.


One thing that's always bothered me is that we never really see what happened after the great cataclysm in the rest of the universe. Yeah there was a Makuta-Dark Hunter war, but there's no specifics, no real story. Same goes for the rest of the timeline as well. I want to get more lore on what happened on the other islands and such.


Well, the Southern Continent was torn apart, leaving lots of gross, mutagen-y water where Mahri and Voya Nui used to be, also the folks of Stelt were naturally hostile against the vortixx.

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I guess I just want more story than anything. We've focused on Metru-Nui and their inhabitants for so long that it feels overdone. I want to explore the southern islands for example, or maybe see what the separation of Voya Nui did to the rest of the matoran living on the southern continent, and how they reacted. Vakama, Tahu and Jaller's teams, while central to the plot, are just overdone. This is kinda why I liked the serials, they let me know that there was a whole ton of things happening, even while we were off doing something else.

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My favorite character is Matoro, for obvious reasons(and for the fact that he wore a Tryna). My favorite year has probably got to be 2008, not because of the story or sets in particular, I just remember having the most fun playing with my BIONICLE sets that year.

I think my favorite character that never got a set is Toa Helryx. More and more, her cold regality and questionable morality reminds me of Coin from The Hunger Games.

Also, on the flip side of lore day, what do you all think most influenced you to join the online community and create your own lore? For me, it was KylerNuva135's The Brutal Mission.

I just found mocpages and started there. Never really did much with it though. I joined the forums for bionicle 2015 news, and just love the community.

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I find it kinda funny, I ended up getting Dekar, of all sets, twice, because my original was stolen at a swim meet.

Funny thing is I didn't even have to be at that swim meet. I wouldn't start swimming for another six months or so.

The Great Beings were sexist. Nuff said.


My favorite year would have to be 2007. Underwater stuff is generally awesome, the theme was great, it was the first year since 2001 that spurned Clone Sets, the Barraki were great, and Hahli Mahri is master race.

Either that or 1999, but I've gone on about that elsewhere and it doesn't technically (heh, technic) count anyway.

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Lets try not to post here.

In fact, Mods, can we close the 2014 Bionicle Week topics?

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