Lore page: Ironbolt penitentiary

Suspended within a dimension of water Ironbolt penitentiary was built to house the worst of the worst. It was constucted by the multi dimensional entities known as the collect. Ironbolt was originally guarded by beings clad in diving suits known as chassis they came in variants known as the: leadhead, nurse, plaster, brute and seraphim. in total 5000 guards 1000 of each type. Later however about 350 aeons into the existence of Ironbolt something went wrong and the collect stopped monitoring it. Soon after this people from universes started disappearing without a trace taken by Ironbolt’s guardians. The influx of prisoners lead to the creation of lighter equipped variants of the guards being produced. In almost every case originally being prisoners who were deemed “too rowdy”.


The leadheads were the standard infantry. Armed with ghost particle rifles stylised to appear as muskets they could subjugate a target easily and from a distance. The later variant was equipped with a hydraulic claw and made use of a light machine gun stylised to look like an oversized Thompson submachine gun as well as a large Gatling gun


Nurses were frightful engineers and medical staff who used matter transporters that would rip the matter out of other dimensions they donned large brassy pyramid helmets. They had braces affixed to their limbs which allowed them to elongate to up to 16 times their natural length . The later version was equipped with a supply of “red fluid” which was a powerful biological reconstruction agent


Plasters were demolition specialists who would set gravity well traps that when triggered would completely immobilise the unlucky victim and often break bones, the intensity of these traps could be altered in case lethal action was required. The later version was equipped with a mine laying grenade launcher that spat out fragmentation and air-burst mines that could magnetise to any surface


Brutes were the repair units if the prison itself was ever damaged. Equipped with a chronological reverser unit they could repair any damage done to the penitentiary within a few hours. The later versions were equipped with a rivet gun and welding torch and were used for small scale repairs


Seraphims were specialists made in case a prisoner deemed dangerous enough to be put down. They were equipped with both a nausea field that could disrupt any foes that came to close biological or mechanical. They also carried a C.A.M. (collapsed antimatter dispenser) stylised to look like crossbows. Later versions were equipped with plasma rifles and plasma cannons

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