So Bionicle has a few lost things of media. Like the infamous LOMN game. But I went on the Lost Media wiki today and I saw that the English dub for the Takanuva vs Makuta (Teridax) commercial has a lost English dub. Only the French dub is available. It’s apparently the same case with the 2007 Titans (except its in Spanish) and the Bohrok Kal commercial. One thing that particularly got me though was that one of the comments on the article said something about a 2001 Turaga commercial not being found at all. I’m most curious about that. Has anyone ever seen it before? Any details about it like dialogue/animations? And if there’s any other missing media like this then you can talk about it here. So let’s get on with this.


Had the person that said the Turaga commercial hadn’t been found actually ever see one, or are they just assuming there was one? because I’ve never seen any evidence of one. There aren’t any documented commercials for any small sets, so while it’s possible the Turaga could be an outlier as they did come first, there’s no reason to believe they did have a commercial unless anyone actually saw it.

One lost thing a lot of people don’t remember is the 2005 web comic series. They were going to be written by Greg and told the story of the Hordika reawakening Turaga Dume. You can read the script for the first issue here, and this ad for the comic (from the physical bionicle comic, amusingly) has a mockup/demo of what it would look like. Beyond that it isn’t clear how far it came along before they pulled the plug on it.


The lost comic thing is pretty cool, I’ll check it out later. When I asked he told me it had one shot of Turaga Vakama sitting with what he thinks was Jaller and some other Matoran around a campfire. Hopefully someone remembers seeing that.
(EDIT: The Bohrok Kal commercial in English is not lost, I just found it on youtube, it’s been there since July this year apparently)

I wonder if anyone still has the disks for LOMN

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From what I’ve read the guy who had the game (DeepBrick) took his computer (which had the data and disks) and put it in storage. Then he vanished. I’m not sure if anybody other than him had disks. But at least we know the story behind his. Maybe one day it’ll be found.


Ah, that. What that dude saw is from a 2002 German VHS. There’s nothing to indicate that the clip was originally from a commercial, though the origin of the clip is unknown so who knows.


I’m going to assume that it was in the Turaga commercial and some of it was salvaged onto that VHS. I’m going to PM him and ask if he remembers anything else from it.

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Okay, sorry it took a while. I have to wait and hope I catch him in the LM chat on the side. So he remembers that at the end there was a group shot of the Turaga, it’s exactly like this picture except it’s done with the actual sets, not a CG render: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/bionicle/images/d/d8/Turaga.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20061016183806
He also remembers that the narrator guy didn’t sound like Tony Wedgewood or whoever did the 2001 commercial narrations. I think it means its a commercial for a different region. There was one piece of dialogue that went “The wise Turaga watch over the island of Mata Nui, but beware…(more stuff he doesn’t remember)” and that’s all he completely remembers. Now I’m really interested in seeing this commercial. But one thing I did find though was the Rahi commercial for the UK, which had the same narrator as the American one. So it makes me think it could’ve been made for a specific toy store, kind of like the Ninjago Possesion commercial by Smyths Toys. Anybody got anything?


Interesting stuff! I don’t suppose it could have been this narrator? (compared to the standard dude)

It’s cool to finally know what that CGI clip with Vakama and Jala was made for.

On the subject of LoMN, I heard from JrMasterModelBuilder several years ago that there was some progress being made toward extracting the files from a former TLG employee who was not Deep Brick. However, I’m not sure if that ever went anywhere.

This guy is a great source for everything that’s left of LoMN. Also, check out the respective topic on the (long dead) BioMedia Project boards.

I’m not sure if it could’ve been those narrators. I didn’t expect to be talking to him again but I might be able to ask if he comes back on again. But if it was made by a toy store or re-narrated by one, then I would assume the voice wouldn’t be associated with any other one. Also here’s that Ninjago commercial I was talking about. There’s two versions of it, one with the Smyth’s toys intro at the beginning and then their logo in the corner, and one that doesn’t have that but it has the same narrator. I can’t find the one that has the Smyth Toys logo at the beginning and then starts the commercial, but I can find the rest of it with the little watermark in the corner.
Smyths toys one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R2l1ChBGXU
Lego one (without the Smyths toys thing on it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vtd_W75-cgE
I’m 99% sure we haven’t heard this guy before. But that’s what I remember.
As for the LOMN thing, is JrMasterModelBuilder still around here? I haven’t heard of him before. The thread I got most of my info from was one on BZP trying to find LOMN but they stopped randomly. I will go and find that topic on the BMP boards.

So I didn’t find that BMP thread sadly, but one thing that came up was the Sand Tarakava set (not on the boards, but I found some stuff about it). Apparently they gave some copies to fans and it was never actually released, but someone made replicas and sold them with custom boxes? The only way to really tell if it was the legit Sand Tarakava is if the Ruru included had a code on it. Has anybody heard anything else about it?