Lost History: Umarak's Undoing (Expanding Okoto)

Continued from Lost History: Okoto’s Origins

The explorer returned to the ancient library, this time in a group of six. On the pedestal where the previous book was was a note. It read “Wall 2, Shelf 3, Book 5.” When they looked at the fifth book, on the third shelf from the top of the back wall, it read “List History, Umarak’s Undoing.” They set it on the pedestal, opened it, and began reading.

After the island’s creation, Umarak followed the creatures and attempted to capture them to use their powers to bring back his race. For many months he tried to capture them. He was after Ikir, Creature of Fire, in the more volcanic area of the island. He found a small cave, where he saw Ikir. He followed the creature into the cave. When they reached the end, Ikir blasted Umarak with fire, making him stumble back. The blast also made the floor under Umarak cave in, making him fall deep, deep under the island, possibly even under the ocean floor. Down there, he saw a strange shrine, holding a glowing, golden orb at the end. When he went to grab it, the orb’s energy surged through his body. This energy made him virtually immortal, unable to die from aging. It made him feel powerful. Thinking this newfound power will help him capture the creatures, he shadowstepped to the surface for the hunt. The power didn’t help. Year after year, decade after decade, century after century, he failed to capture the creatures in their unity. Slowly, this drove him to the brink of insanity, leaving him a shadow of his former self.

The adventurers close the book and pick it up, and a small piece of parchment fell out. On it was a list of books in the library, all dealing with Okoto and its inhabitants’ history. The six explorers found all the books on the list and put them in their satchels, along with the one they just read. It was about sunset, so they headed back to the City of the Mask Makers to put the books in the library there for safekeeping.

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