Louis, The Steam Gentleman

This is one of my most loved mocs on my biogram account, so I decided to post it on the message boards.

The point of this moc was suppose to be for a contest on Instagram. It got a lot of likes when I posted it, so I continued to update it constantly over time. The build is mostly custom, not the feet.

My inspirations for this moc were the Scarecrow and Howl’s Moving Castle from Howl’s Moving Castle for the Skinny arms and Scrapped, and Blitzcrank from League of Legends for the small head and big hands.

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/1/2/1242737330e407b705aa06424dbbee6b7f4c28cd.jpeg" width=“375” height=“500”


The head looks a little small, but other wise this looks amazing. I especially love the top hat.

No! What did he do to Onewa?

he cloned him then killed both of them :smiling_imp: :joy:

Nice! It pulls off the steampunk look quite well.

Thx bud :relaxed:

I really get a steampunk vibe from this. The legs are a little wierd in the knee region


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I really like the overall look of this MOC, good job!

I really like this- it’s nice to see some steampunk every once in a while. Great Moc good sir!

1 tophat = 1 like

Love the integration of system, those fists sort-of-work-ish. the proportions are good for the style you are going for. overall a very nice MOC.
Spiffing I say, Sir or Madame, Absolutely spiffing

Good job on this one.

Ahh, splendid! For some reason I really, really like those springs on his elbows. They’re neat. And the monocle and tophat ofc :wink:

This is actually pretty cool for how weird the MOC looks!

thx chap :smile:

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This look’s integration, love the way it look and built. Well done


This is amazing! I love the overall look, with the skinny and long arms, and all the Steampunk n’ such. Good job! :smile:

yeah, inspired by blitzcrank