Lovely dude; Hero Factory villain

Yes his name is a Lovely, but he’s a Lovely guy.

Anyway, this is the first MOC I’ve made in 8 months and I’m a little out of practice. This MOC is more of a warm-up, that’s why it might be a bit poor in places.

His buzzsaw axe packs a massive punch.

A small, athletic Lovely, constantly on the run from Hero Factory after
stealing a large supply of armour, weapons and even a couple quaza

look it’s a mini pillar drill :smiley:

His mask isn’t supposed to be a Huna, it’s just a face and to give him some personality.


It’s okay I guess. But,I think there’s one too many stars in the censoring.

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what do you mean matey

His name is a no-no word.

I approve.,.

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Ima guess the name has something to do with a bull and it’s feces, but the moc looks pretty cool, kinda weird for a villain

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so this post was too rude for some people and so they decided to flag it? so thank you?
I thought that the censoring would be enough, but ok his name is now Lovely dude

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He seems quite lovely. Good job!


Now I’m sad…

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J this is pretty lovely, looks good

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Oh what a dude
What a lovely dude

I really do like this MOC, and I appreciate the unique color scheme. I like all the tools and such he has on him. I also think the black Huns works very well for the MOC.

Nice Job.

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Nice torso construction, but the rest is pretty “eh”.

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much lovely indeed

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cheers lads

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