LU Paradox Shadowring MOC

This is a MOC i made on LDD and render with paradox decals. The fig is the closest thing i could make to a level 3 Space Marauder. More pics to come.

Edit: New Pic


This is cool! I'm glad to see some LU-related stuff popping up on this forum.


I love LU.

Thank you.

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That figure looks so sick! Not only that but he matches the colour scheme of the speeder. One thing though is the red pieces on the figure are lighter then the speeder.

All in all, very nice job!

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The figure is beautiful.....

The jet is cool too, but overshadowed by the fig.


The feelz... AWESOME

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Ok that's awesome.

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Thanks to everyone for the compliments! smiley The figures decals are from the lego universe wiki were inserted in LDD2POV-Ray.

@Aeros The piece color is to match a level 3 space marauder from LU. i'm considering changeing the weapon.


Love those colors! The speeder is very original and the figure just looks sick!