Lucem, Master of Steel

A mysterious Toa of Steel from the island of Okoto, and a new G2 take on my Self-MOC, Lucem.

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Tell me what you guys think!


I like him.
Metru blue and silver go well together and the custom limbs look really good.
The hammer looks amazing.
The cons would be, that his waist is too small compared to his shoulders and the really light silver on his shins looks strange.
I’d suggest to change his shin guards to dark blue and maybe use some tubes to beef up the handle of his hammer.

Interesting very interesting…

Love the hammer and the build in general! Not too sure about the mask… Maybe I’m just not a fan of Hahli’s Mahri mask :confused:

Still, very good

I know he is suposted to be master of steel, but he needs more metru blue!


Agreed! Right now the Faxon kinda sticks out.

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I like it, but I would suggest switching the silver metrutoran body out for Vhisola’s Metru blue one.


Very cool. I would make a G2 version of my Self-MOC, but I don’t think I want to tear apart Lewa anytime soon. Plus, I I like looking at my G1 Self-MOC and remembering the good old days…

Faxon bros!

Wow, the G2 Lucem looks way better then the G1 Lucem, the color scheme is good but need more dark blue because the mask being the big dark blue piece on the MOC is a little of a eye sore. The body is great, I really like the back armor the most and the shoulder armor is good.
Weapon I like a lot, it’s not a over used weapon like the sword that I see who know how many times in MOCs.



I really love the overall look of the MOC, not to mention the color scheme.

He could use a bit more dark blue, possibly, but the giant hammer is delicious. Aside from the old grey bit. That needs to go.


hammer time?

He reminds me of Ultra magnus for some reason…


Animated Ultra Magnus, I assume?

Animated Ultra Magnus was the best.

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I didn’t like animated Ultra Magnus… maybe because I just dislike Animated as a whole though…

I don’t know why everyone thinks he needs more blue, seems fine to me. If you added more I think he would look like a toa of water…

Anyways, nicely done moc! I’m a big fan of the shoulder and foot armor.

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Animated was…bad…to say the least.

And I agree with the general consensus, more Dark Blue.

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Animated was great, how dare you say that >:u