Lucem (V4.9)

New version of my Self-MOC. Yay.

See more here.



Gosh dangit still need to post Ekorak (DAv1.1) over on MP and also get some stuff up on my Youtube channel.....

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I too need to make some more YT videos, but I have no time to.

Oh my this is an amazing moc, I don't personally like the orange spots but f you like them then, hey I got no problem. But yes very impressive, very impressive! ~Pyrox

Yeah, I kinda want to tidy up the orange on him and not make it look as messy.

I like the orange spots personally, but I think you could have more grey armor parts on him, break up some of the blue.

This is cool man. I think the orange is a nice addition my self.

Yay! Exo-Force hands!

His main color is supposed to be dark blue, with the gunmetal being nuva armor.

I understand the intent, doesn't change the fact that I think he could use more Gunmetal.

Looks nice; I really like the orange highlights. However, I will say the lower body seems a bit too skinny.