Lugar de Morte - Superhero RP

With this clarification, Lucius opens his mouth just enough to ■■■■■ his jaw forward and position his teeth underneath his lips. He tightens his top lip into a similar position with those teeth and then, still keeping jaw slightly extended, brings his mouth back to a close. Essentially sandwiching his lips inside his mouth, making a “-_-” face while thinking this over, head slightly tilted. Even crossing his arms by slipping the arm into the opposite sleeve at some point during this process.

“Could I have a list of what chemicals and stuff is used for the room cleaning?” Lucius eventually asks.


Dr. Huber smiled knowingly and gave a small nod in reply.

Huber turned, eyebrows raised, and paused before answering.

“Technically none. Oh, but on occasion something inorganic may be temporarily taken, and we will be sure to return it to you expediently.”


“What do you mean ‘technically none’?” Lucius asked.

His head shifted its lean to the other side as he processed this. Most would pick up inorganic item removal as something to worry about. What if they took away your electronic device and bugged it? Or took its data, wiped its files, reimaged the thing? And of all the things to question in this new life Lucius found himself in, questioning of cleaning methods may seem the most odd.

But not to Lucius.

“No all-purpose-cleaner sprays, no blue-liquid glass cleaners that kill talking crows, no alcohol wipes, not even bleach? There’s no way this place is cool enough to just use water and microfiber. Come on, what sort of corpo contract are we being killed - er, “cleaned” with?”

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Veronica was immensely uncomfortable with the flammable, well, everything. Books, beds, etc. Clearly this place was not made in mind for her. And while the boy made of smoke would probably be fine if she committed accidental arson, she didn’t seem to enjoy everyone else’s chances.

“Is there somewhere else I could stay?” Veronica asked. “Somewhere less flammable?”


“Thanks.” Silas said, eyes still locked on the book.

“And about that equipment for those of us going on the mission?”