Luke Cage

Luke Cage is the third installment in the Netflix series of Netflix shows! Im three episodes in and its fantastic so I’m curious if anyone here has seen it and I’m curious of everyones thoughts! :wink:

Bonus: You can see a drawing of Jay from ninjago in Pop’s shop


Ho-ly wow, that’s amazing! I’m two episodes in so far, and I dig it. Not fully invetsed, but it’s no doubt impressive. Sweet Christmas!

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I probably would have binge watched the whole thing yesterday but my parents said they have to watch it first.

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Just at the start of the ninth episode, and really liking it so far. I love these Marvel Netflix shows.

Fun fact: apparently this show was so popular it made Netflix crash on how many views it was getting.


I don’t even know what this shiw is really and I heard about this.

Good job Netflix.

So my parents said no to watching this show.

It’s a marvel show based on the character of Luke Cage. It’s akin to Jessica Jones.

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