Lumos-Elite Of Light

Now I do have to say something about this Moc, is that it’s more of a testing Moc then anything else (And also big thanks to Dark Aeon for the Lumos name)

And what I mean by that, is I mostly use system for the build, something I’m trying to get a use to, because of this hole scare going round about what going to happing to technic

With Lumos I try to go with a ninja sort of look. A bit like Genji from Overwatch

Lumos is to be see more like a assassin, just for his ability over light to bend it to make himself invisible for a short amount of time

Here Lumos with the Guardian of light Luna

Being a skilled warrior Lumos is seen to be just a suck up to Luna. Which everyone hates, as well dose Luna

Well that’s it for now let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


This is basically what Solek should have been.

I really like the MOC, especially the lower arms.

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I like the mm both a lot, Luna is my favorite though.
The orientation of the hands is weird though.

Looks pretty cool, but I think there should be some more trans light blue in the upper torso.

Remove all trans light blue and you have Toa Solek!

I would make a mask joke, but I actually really like this moc.

A pretty decent system-technic combo.

Very nice. The integration of CCBS and system here is superb.

This guy looks pretty cool, he could probably kill someone

I have no idea where you got that image from.

Big katanas are dangerous, otherwise he wouldn’t have one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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This is no elite.

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This looks great!

Well hello there Solek fancy seeing you here

Pretty nice construction, I like how the silver parts are more texture than the white parts, gives it some nice colour blocking. I just can’t help but see that mask as anything but Solek, unfortunately.

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