Luna and Turbo

Luna and Turbo are robots made in a robot lab.There are bother and sister. They were made for project humans and robots. (it’s a project that is for humans and robots to get along)
Luna is the oldest but she is a little
clumsy but she is very gentle and very cute :blush:
Her hobby’s are: hooking out with Turbo and Topalayla,
visiting her Creater’s, visiting the forest
Her friends are: Turbo, Topalayla, her Creater’s
Her weaknesses are: she is scared of very dark place, she makes a lot of mistakes
One more thing for Luna for you harry potter fans she is a Hufflepuff
Turbo is a guy that trys to be cool
but everyone makes fun of him.
His hobby’s are: goes to races, post stuff on Facebook, plays video games
His weaknesses are: he hates getting focused to do things, he is annoying sometimes
One thing for Turbo for you harry potter fans he is a Gryffindor

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Turbo looks like a transformer.

yeah but i more see him as a centaur or i should say a cencar get it :joy:


A known issue with these two is the exposed back design due to the flat surface compared to the curved surface from the front.

Not sure what the upper arms are suppose to represent, shoulder pads maybe? She the most expressive here, legs looks ok despite the back issue.

Suffer less of the flat back design due to the lower abdomen have some depths. Not liking the head design, but I still appreciate the attempt on the lower build.

They have some character but I don’t think they’re great.

Your right but the shoulder pads are not shoulder pads there kind of like a cape. my old idea for her was she was goes to have green but i don’t have many green so that’s why she had’s white. For her legs that was hard for me because of the limited parts that i had.

I’m not very good at making cars i tried

I know it’s way long time now and you probably won’t read this but I just wanted to reply.
It’s really hard to make good characters. I didn’t want my characters to have tons of unredeeming qualities. People both have pros and cons and
I was trying to make my characters to be In the grey area of the spectrum. I’m not saying that my
Characters are the greatest but I tried my best.

Hey man I did read it! Looking back on what I said a year ago I have no idea of what I was saying. These are really cool and you did a great job!

I’m so surprise! Thank you for the replay. :blush: I do want to tell you i have took them a
Part and i’m not as in to Lego as i was because i did feel that my builds didn’t look how
I wanted them to be. (not the ones that i have posted)

oh man never give up! when i started on here i was using horrible ignika builds and the community was ripping me to shreds! you just have to keep trying and experimenting and you will get it looking the way you want