Lurker (Halloween MOC)

A new MOC woo!

Made it for halloween
yeah that's about it
C&C appreciated!


For one this is great! Now then
RedHunas Quick review 😜
Great colour scheme
Blck makes it super spooKy
Small head
Small hands

Over all I would give this MOC an 9/10
Great job 😃 (I am the new @plural lol)

But that's not how PQR was formatted...


You are approx. the 5th person to claim this.


Is this inspired by the Lurkers from Skyrim? Cause it looks like it.

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Nope, purely coincidental

Also noticed I dont get notified of anything here
may notifications rip in pasta

Needs more tentacles.

Oh dear.

Gives me the shivers just lookin' at it

have your socks been spooked right off?
Call 1-2-3-s-p-0-0-p for spoop help

You lazy snooze
why didn't you just embed the pictures

lazy lazy potato

it's aight

just needs something...extra to it. Kinda feels a bit weak, imo.

I also may not be the best one to talk, but I don't like the head.


I got to admit this looks great.
But the hands look weird.

*calls 1-2-3-s-p-0-0-p *