Lutorian, Toa of Air (Self Moc)

A giant scythe wielding Toa of Air? What could go wrong!

Personality Time!
Unlike most Le Matoran Lutorian is a bit of a loner quite reserved and spends him time in thought, instead of being impulsive and energetic, though he will join in on the fun from time to time.

A Makuta once tauntingly described him as a light breeze, suffice to say he turned into a class 5 hurricane and put the Makuta in their place. Or at least thats what he tells his team!

A bit of a dare devil, and will jump into any dangerous situation wether it be a stunt or combat either from stupidity or lack of fear, which would also be stupid.

He’s also got a large sword for situations where a scythe would be impractical.

Back storage!

Tell me what you think!


I like it a lot. However it could use a tad bit of silver on the forearms and thighs.

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Has lime and silver: Perfect.

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Think of the silver as more armored places, its placed in areas he’d hit when falling or whatnot, plus we don’t want a repeat of 08 right?

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I don’t think this is necessary.


It’s solid. The system pieces are a nice touch.

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This MOC is awesome

I really like the solid build and the use of system pieces!

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looks awesome :smile:

might need a smidge more bulk around the mid torso, but still awesome

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How so?

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just a little Technic in here

nothing too major


nothing i can do about that.
I’m trying to fit things with exoforce arms.

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Seriously. I like a lot of the techniques you used here. Great work!

It’s a well-constructed MOC, I just am not fond of the mask. It’s so overused.

That’s not much of a con, though. The weapon is amazing.


Hey It’s Kylord including green.
In all seriousness, I really like how he looks.
I feel he could use a bit more silver
and green (the forearms and legs specifically)
He looks awesome overall :smiley:

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The reason I use it is cause Tanma was my first set, though
I get the overused bit cause its like one of 4 lime metru masks.

I was actually a really big fan of his

I’ve tried, It kinda Nuked the color scheme, I put in some trans neon green on the fore arms and the back of the the back of the thighs.

I used these on the arms but swapped them for the trans green ones.
to fit the thighs and the lower legs.

Yeah, which is unfortunate too. They really should have made more colors for that.

I wonder if you have any Mata masks in your collection that are lime green?



This is a very nice moc, I like it a lot.

The custom builds work very well, I especially like the lower legs.
That scythe is incredibly cool and is rarely seen on a Toa of air, so that’s a plus.

However the waist connection could be reworked a bit imho.
Also I think the upper legs are too black: I suggest adding a bit of lime in there.

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How would you recommend changing the waist, I’ve been using this design for about 2 years.

I honestly don’t know how it might end up looking, but I suggest you to use this piece and the exo force arm

You plug the first piece on the sides of the mata hand in the waist, than you simpy plug the exo force arm on it. It should fill a bit the waist, BUT, as I said, it could end up looking ugly or hindering the waist motion.

@AwesomeJoel27 Yeah, sorry :sweat_smile: I was talking about beefing it up.

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