M.A.F. Artillery Jeep

The M.A.F. or the Matorian Assult Force built this tank for transportation and destruction. It has an exploding zamor sphere launcher and twin mydak syblasters for weapons. It rotates 360 degrees for untamable damage.


I really quite like this. It’s a balanced build and treats its concept well.

Thanks I have a few more things I need to upload. I have not been keeping up so today is cachet up day.

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you should probably make it so when the turret rotates the platform which supports the pilot comes with it

True, but I would have to rebuild the turrent, making it taller and such. Which would make the tank look weird, but it rotates so the pilot can run along a wall or top of a fence and fire.

Doesn’t feel like much of a tank. It looks more like an army jeep or something.

I say it is a tank due to it having heavy weapons. A keep would have a machine gun or a since rocket gun.

how about, if you attach another ignika torso to the other side of the frame and make a railing connecting the two?

I will try that that is a great idea and it would protect the wheels…

Another characterizing feature of tanks is the heavy armor. If this is heavy weaponry then maybe call it Artillery?

This is how my tail design looks, feel free to send me a different idea.

i’d say make the rail symmetrical

Ok, I will see if I can rind the parts to that.


Nice use of the gearboxes.

Thanks, it takes three, and is not a hard build.