M.I.A chapter 1-1.5

Time: t minus 17 hours until Teridax’s death

Yttirum walked down the hall of the current order of Mata Nui base.he was dumbfounded and terrified by the part he was supposed to play in this war.

Yttirum was surprised, he was never supposed to be summoned to the war room.he had been assigned by Helryx herself to hold the fortress on Daxia together no matter what. yet here he was.from what the info tablet he had received told him,Krakau had temporarily been given command of the order ever since Helryx disappeared.

As yttirum entered the makeshift war-room he placed his info tablet on a nearby table.

As he had been informed there were five members present.3 toa (he assumed.)

And a steltians and another he couldn’t recognize.

The toa of sound known as Krakua turned to yttirum and gave a look of relief

“About time you got here. what were you doing, sightseeing?”

Asked Krakau.

“With the plan that we’re about to execute this may be the last chance I get to admire the beauty of this Island .”

Remarked yttirum.” or if we do succeed- well I hope you realize that this is practically a suicide mission.

Krakau scoffed then turned to one of the toa at the table who was studying the map that had been laid out.

“Now, kiria we can’t afford to screw this up, you sure you know the plan?”

“Yes, I actually have an idea about which route we should take, it could shave off a little time .if you’d be willing to-“

Just as she was about to finish an earthquake struck, knocking over equipment, navigation tools and the lamps that lit the room signaling that their time was up, Teridax had found them

“YOU TWO!” He said pointing to the other two people in the room. “Take that equipment and load it onto the airship!”

“Kiria get that route programmed into the airship’s computer!”

“But- “

“DO IT!”

Krakau turned to yttirum and the other toa.


As yttirum and the other toa bolted out of the room yttirum thought he heard a faint “ow my head.” From Krakau,the idea of that gave him comfort.

T minus 13 hours till teridax’s death

Yttirum knew his part, but just couldn’t believe what he was about to do, and it terrified him.there could be anything outside the robot, the vacuum of space for one, teridax could find them and kill them, well they could drown seeing as they would have to swim over 100 meters down to get to the “brain” of the robot.so much could go wrong!


Yttirum sobbed

“Will you please shut up I’m trying to focus!”

Exclaimed the toa of ice who was inspecting the diving gear. He was clad in the standard white and silver armor of an ice toa.

And He had a leather shoulder pad on his left arm. His mask looked like it had been repaired in multiple places some more obvious than others.

Yttirum was so absorbed in his own thoughts he hadn’t realized that he was standing there.

“Oh sorry didn’t realize you were standing there.”

Yttirum apologized

“So what’s your name?” Yttirum asked eagerly to Change the subject.

“It’s taox.”

“That’s a weird name,” Yttirum mumbled

“Imma check on Kiria,” Yttirum announced .more than eager to exit this extremely awkward situation.

T minus 3 hours till the death of teridax

Yttirum was ready.despite the fact he had been terrified only hours earlier. maybe it was the adrenaline, who knows.

“Syncing coms in 3…2…1.”

Kiria announced as she put on the last of her diving gear.

Yttirum had almost figured everything out except for one thing,

What he couldn’t figure out was how Kiria kept appearing out of places that she shouldn’t be able to get into relative to where she was 5 seconds ago. maybe she could teleport,Nah that couldn’t possibly be it.

“Dropping in 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1”

Taox announced as if talking to himself

The first thing yttirum noticed was that the water was cold(not like fridge cold but ice-cold, like as if all the power to heat the protodermis had been transferred to somewhere else, maybe the boosters, but why would teridax just now leave the planet that they had crashed on.

“ that’s bad news,” Yttirum said to no one in particular.

“What is?” Taox Asked with a tinge of concern in his voice.

“The water’s cold.” So cold, in fact, it reminded him back to the time when this robot was built, that one time he was assigned by the great beings-

“Really!” Said Kiria sarcastically, cutting his thoughts short. “let’s go” she ordered as she dove underwater

Yttirum and taox followed

T minus 10 minutes till teridax’s timely death

They had reached the hatch thank the great beings!

As Kiria tried to open it taox decided to create an ice shell around them, then drained the water out from it.

“It won’t budge !” She exclaimed angrily while kicking it.

“Let me try.”

Yttirum hadn’t used his power in forever .it was dangerous not only to him but others. But he knew he could control it even after all these years. he willed the metal to move and it answered.

The hatch seemed like it melted before merging itself to yttirum’s armor, Taox stared at him amazed.

“Let’s go!”

Yttirum said with determination in his eyes.

T minus 9 minutes

The tunnels were confusing but yttirum was able to navigate them without fault, he had helped build them after all.

And in no time they were in the belly of the beast as Krakau so fondly insisted on calling.

Now was the challenging part of the oncoming battle

T minus 8 minutes

They had arrived. Atop the large domed room was a large spherical.

“This isn’t the core processor.” He whispered, confused how they had gotten there. He was certain that he had taken the right tunnel.

“What was that? Didn’t quite catch it.” Taox asked oblivious to the situation.

“This isn’t the core processor.” He said much louder, his voice shaking, he’d made a mistake that might cost him and his team their lives.

“Then where are we?” Kiria questioned, lowering her voice to a whisper.

“That’s the brain’s cooling unit,” Yttirum said struggling to remember how Important this room was. “ I think…if we destroy that it might be easier to take down Makuta. Taox do you think you can form an ice bowl to catch all the coolant?”


“Cause if you don’t we’ll all freeze to death if it touches us!” Yttirum responded.


“Kiria, I need you to fend off the visorakk.”

She nodded in response.

Yttirum shot forth the hatch using his element to reshape it into a large needle aiming for the giant dome attached to the roof. Just as he did that a large black cloud engulfed the needle and absorbed it.


Yttirum shouted

The battle had begun


T minus 5 minutes

“What the heck was she thinking!” Artillery shouted

As he stabbed a rahkshi through its head.

He knew the absolute carnage that was about to follow, he hoped Kiria would get out of there as fast as she could.a small part of him was glad he lent her his teleporter another smaller part him was a bit angry at himself for giving it up as quick as he did, he could’ve used it right about now.

“Focus Artillery!” He said to himself sternly as he rammed a blaster into the mouth of a rahkshi’s krata and pulled the trigger, then grabbed it’s staff and threw it at three other rahkshi, which it pierced them all at once.

“6 minutes.” Artillery reminded himself

He pulled the staff he threw from the pile of rahkshi.

“This will make a fine addition to my collection.” Artillery announced as he tossed into his pocket dimension, then retrieved a

massive machine gun and his personal second favorite item, a Walkman loaded with all of his favorite songs. A bit outdated, but this thing had lasted for over two centuries, though he had modified it.

“Track number 33 will do



Track no. 33 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bc0KhhjJP98 )

He said as he pressed play

“Boaw bowda bowm bowm bowmda boawda Hail hail what’s the matter with haiiil!”

Artillery sang as he mowed down the absolute onslaught of rahkshi

“Come and get your love, Come and get your love, Come and get your love!”

Artillery had managed to clear out a small amount of rahkshi by the time the song was over.


Artillery said in surprise looking around as all the rahkshi were instantly incinerated, no doubt tahu had nabbed the last piece of the golden armor.next up was teridax getting “mooned”.


Yttirum was surprised when he felt the heat, but not as surprised when he was slung out of the robot.

He was falling fast. He managed to dodge all of the coolant

Yttirum thought quick as he grabbed a piece of debris and shifted most of the metal from it to his back hoping it’d be enough to break his fall.

He must’ve been going crazy cuz he could’ve sworn he caught a glimpse of two robots. Well, that was until he fell into a herd of sand stalkers.

Artillery had seen this scene over a thousand times but every time it surprised him how fast it all ended. and how quickly the order moved to set up their encampment.

Artillery was here for other reasons though, he had been sent by the Council to retrieve a great being who had been hiding out on bara Magna. But to do that he would need his teleporter back.

It had been 4 days 43 minutes 26 seconds since the last contact from Kiria.

“If she’s anywhere it’s probably the oomn “headquarters” .” He said headquarters with Quotation fingers. Thou he wasn’t sure who he was doing that for.

Artillery always liked his mind to wander as he did the same. no doubt he would be questioned about his armor color

He decided that white and silver would DO , in an instant, it was done, being a nanotech with the element of light had it perks after all especially when you have to adjust your disguise On the fly.though he would obviously get weird looks for his attire.nano-techs didn’t usually wear coats/jackets.

As he strolled into the encampment he observed 4 people leave,

; to be exact 3 toa and 1 glatorian. In an instant ( 1.3 seconds to be exact.) his visor told him that they were gelu, orde,Zaria and


No doubt to go on one of the most important missions in the history of the oomn.

artillery “made a b -line” towards the equipment tent,kiria said she’d be there. but seeing as Artillery HAD THE WORST TIMING EVER, he doubted that would be unlikely.


Yttirum awoke to the sight of Krakau reading,(which if you knew him you’d be surprised too)

“Ah, you’re finally awake.”

What happened? and why do I smell like…death?and -“

“Save your questions for later, Tahu wants to see you.”

Yttirum raised his finger as he was standing up to exit.

“Ah Yes your gear.three tents to the left.can’t miss it.” Krakua answered

The first thing yttirum noticed was the robot. how long had it been since he saw that thing from the outside, or how many people lived in that thing, all their lives were ruined in an instant when teridax took over. he just couldn’t believe it was all finally over.

As yttirum got closer he heard two people in conversation. one female one male.

“have the nightmares started again?”

Questioned the female with a tinge of concern in her voice

Yttirum poked his head around the corner. he observed Kiria in mid-conversation with a stranger whose armor color flickered between gold and silver and white

He assumed that the stranger was a toa of light.

“I don’t - no, it’s like He’s mocking me, playing with my fears-“

He paused

“What is it?”

She asked concerned

“Where’s my teleporter?”

He said as if eager to change the subject.

“Oh right!”

She grabbed something from the bag and placed it in the stranger’s hand.

The more yttirum observed Kiria the less sure he was that she was a nanotech, the way her mask looked to shallow to stay on her face and the fur on the back of her head, what was that.

“Thank you.” The stranger said as he opened a panel on his wrist and slid the round object inside.

“Ahhahem!“ yttirum interrupted

Both instantly turned.

“Hi.am I interrupting anything?”

Yttirum questioned

“New mask?” Kiria asked

She responded too quickly. wait what did she mean new mask


Yttirum lifted his hands up to his face

And Unmistakenly felt the grooves of a kanohi Kau-Kau.

The stranger Snickered

“Now you listen here Mr. suspicious-“ Yttirum warned

“Excuse me useless mask-!

He interrupted In a monotonous voice


Kiria interjected, placing herself in between them.

Then she calmed down and gained her composure

“Yttirum your belongings are in the corner.” she gestured to the right corner.”vo-Artillery do you think you can pick me up some items?” she said as she handed him a list, written on it were some strange looking symbols.

“Oh great a shopping list.” Artillery mumbled as he stood up the walked over to the left wall and picked up some chariot reins.

“I’m gonna ignore that!”

She remarked from the other side of the room

As Artillery exited yttirum thought he spied some of the matoran alphabet on the belt holding his scabbard, he could make out an h,t and an r, three out of six of the embroidered letters.

“What’s his deal,” Yttirum questioned

“He’s going through a lot,” she answered

“You mentioned nightmares, what kind of nightmares, I mean he’s obviously a toa he doesn’t need sleep.”

She seemed to get uncomfortable at the word “toa”

“Let’s just say there’s more to him than meets the eye.and the nightmares they’re more like, how do I put it, messages to him from another being, a being that we both have had unpleasant encounters with.”

“Who is it?”

“Most call him destroyer, others savior.”

She spoke one of the most terrifying names in the matoran language.


“Voretha!” Yttirum said with absolute disbelief in his voice.

“I know what you’re going to say.voretha isn’t real, he’s just a myth made to scare nano-techs to not stray from there work. but I assure he is very real.” she guessed

“Yttirum didn’t know how to respond, she had guessed his words exactly, so the conversation ended there.

When he was done he headed over to the tent tahu was in.

“Finally took you like-“ the leader of the Toa looked to his left outside was a sundial.”2 hours!”

“My apologies, but-“

“What’s that smell!”

Someone shouted from the corner,yttirum recognized that voice from anywhere.


“In the flesh,” he remarked as he stepped out of the shadow he was hiding in.

“New arm?”

“Yeah, my old one was crippled in the fall, had to be amputated.new mask?”

“I’m told the old one broke in the fall.”

“Well, I can see you’ve caught up. now your mission, I need you to locate the Toa mahri they were last seen on their way to zazak dealing with rumors of them being in possession of large quantities of energized protodermis.” Tahu paused.

“Where would be the best place to start?” Taox asked

Yttirum gave him a look of warning,

he had heard enough reports of Tahu’s fiery temper.

The best place to start is the new skakdi fortress that appeared overnight.”

“How far?” Yttirum knew skakdi could build fortresses overnight, they had the manpower.

“130 miles 2 clicks southeast.”

Yttirum raised his finger but was cut off by tahu.

“Your team will consist of you two and a toa of psionics, you’ll meet her at the sand stalker pins.”

“When should we leave.”

“Now would be best,” Tahu answered.

“Anything else we should know.”

Taox asked

“The pins are 3 tents northeast, The smell’s awful can’t miss it.”

“Consider it done,” Yttirum said they both saluted before exiting the tent and headed towards the pins.

they heard her before they

saw her.

“Why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself.

“Y’know it’s probably not a good first impression to make someone hit themselves,”Taox announced

Yttirum saw the familiar gold blue armor of a toa of psionics.

“Nah he likes it, see?”

The poor agori nodded his head.but had a look of pure agony in his eyes.

“So you’re the two losers they assigned to me,” she stated standing up straight and dismissed the agori.

Yttirum just met her and already didn’t like her.” how could you think that!” said a voice in his head.


Yttirum shouted

“Awww is your mind shield not working.” She said in a mocking voice


Taox interrupted

“Stay focused both of you!”

“Finally.”yttirum thought.” what a buzzkill, am I right.”She spoke in his head.

Yttirum stared her down as he cautiously approached his sand stalker, ever since he fell out of the robot they made him nervous.

Soon he built up the courage to mount and they were on there way.

End chapter 1
*fourth wall falls over *

Hey everyone! Nope here with the official 3rd revision of M.I.A which you probably guessed stands for: missing in action.

Now I hear you- "what do you mean 3rd revision?’ well, I can tell you. in short, this version of M.I.A fits way better into the canon of the Bionicle universe than my first two versions. If you have any critiques, please post it in the comments.

Have a fantastic day (or night; I don’t care.)

Nope out.


chapter 1.5 aka chapter full of stale memes

It had been 2 days since they had left camp. Two days stuck with that insufferable toa of psionics.

“Names neriex, by the way.”

She answered out of the blue.

Stuff like this was normal, she would answer questions before they asked them, in this case it was taox’s.

“Y’know I really wish something would happen.”

Neriex announced slouching

“Looks like your about to get your wish.” Taox said As he pointed to a caravan barreling towards them and- oh great beings why was it on fire, Which wasn’t left unanswered for long as their attacker appeared from behind the flaming cart of supplies and—— was he riding a spicket?

“Let’s go!”

Neriex said with excitement in her voice.


Artillery had been chasing this caravan for hours he had heard that they were carrying valuable supplies which if used properly could lead them to discover travel through the multiverse 1300 years early, so stopping this caravan was of the upmost importance.

he was about to board it,when he heard a voice shout at him.then he heard it again but this time in his head,the surprise sent him reeling causing him to tumble off his chariot But he knew something the unknown attacker didn’t know.

“Psionic links go both way,you fool!”he shouted back As he reached out with his mind he could hear audible screaming as he disabled the attacker by trapping her in a psionic handicap.

“FRICK YOU!" He shouted while making a rude gesture.

Then he caught sight of his challengers. One was a toa of ice the other was-oh no.

“IT’S USELESS MASK!” He managed to shout before an ice blast clipped him sending him flying.

They were around 10 meters away and closing fast

“Okay if that’s how you wanna play!” He said as he stood up ,Artillery lifted his arm to his left and did a swiping motion sending forth a barrage of lasers.

“Scramble!” Said the toa of ice.

As they dismounted their sand stalkers

Useless mask took that as a chance to charge him.

“Let’s go,PICK UP THE PACE!”

Artillery taunted.

His first move was a punch which Artillery easily dodged then countered with a jab from his sword ,which he blocked with a newly re-enforced hand.

“A toa of iron huh.”

Artillery pulled Calvary out of his grasp then lunged with it,he dodged predictable,as he came up with enough light to temporarily blind him.

“Ha ha now you’re blind!”

He jested.

Yttirum blindly started swinging, artillery dodged one punch that would’ve landed by ducking then moving behind him and knocked him out with his elbow.


“DON’t worry he’s not dead!”

“I assure you I won’t be so easily be defeated!”

Artillery chose this Time to teleport behind him.

Omea wa mou shideru!”

Which he promptly responded with a punch which was then followed up with an ice blast,which Artillery dodged both, without flaw.

“How!” The toa of ice said while slicing at him with his ice blade which Artillery countered lightning fast with his sword.

“Muda Muda muDa Muda Muda

, muda!”

Artillery shouted.




Fine,let’s wrap this up. NIDRA CHAIN!”

Artillery shouted as chains shot forth from his hands,

Which then wrapped around the toa of ice.

He could feel them draining his energy.

“Night,night.” The stranger said as Taox’s mind swam and everything
went black.

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Always nice to see people writing. No offence but you might want to do more proof reading, such as spaces after full stops or question marks when a question is being asked. I await the next instalment :smile:

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Oh don’t worry I wrote this chapter about a year ago and my writing has improved greatly since then, so hopefully this won’t be a problem in later chapters. Also grammarly would not cooperate today so I had to make do.

Edit: chapter 2 will be up soon so stayed tuned.

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