M.O.C Awur - Toa of Air

if anyone recall’s seeing this matoran (now toa) in an older topic of mine, congrats.
anyway, this toa of air is like any other air based character out there (save lessovik) he’s quick and light on his feet, immature and quite jumpy. ( oh and he wears an adaptive miru)



I think he’s fine, but the keetorange on him ruins it, clashing with the gold. Otherwise he’s good, black with green is a nice contrast, and he’s got an excellent use of blades


Just going to ignore the blade arms then?

The gold and keetorange clash, and I’m not sure how I feel about the amount of black, but the build looks pretty alright.


Not so sure about the crotch area. Looks a bit detailed, and did you have to put an eye-drawing trans-bright-green stud there?

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I enjoy the overall look and expression of this Moc, though I may replace some pieces it is still a very nice piece. You should be proud :wink:

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Not a point about the MOC, but more about the posing. It looks a little odd in the first few pictures. Now the MOC itself is actually pretty good, although the green stud on his waist looks weird and out of place.

As others have said, the main issue is that the colors are disproportionally placed. For example, he has one small keetorange piece on his chest, but his lower legs are completely keetorange. Similarly, you have very small green and trans-green accents; these should be spread to more areas if you want to keep them. Basically, you either need to increase the amount of colors you have or remove some. Also, as others have said, the gold and keetorange really clash; you’ll probably have to sacrifice one or the other to get it to look right.

The overall shaping of the MOC, though, is good. Primarily it is color that is messed up.


Real solid MOC here. Love the overall look and those blade arms are awesome!

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The MOC itself looks pretty cool, and I definitely like the design of the torso and arms (because you know, blades for forearms). The aesthetic of the latter really mixes well with the blades coming off of his back, too.

I think you should put Lewa’s normal Golden Mask

The gold and keetorange don’t really work with one another, but the build is otherwise nice.

I wish I could but I don’t have it.

What ever. With it it looks very strange.

I don’t care for the arms but besides that your mocs make me want to screem in joy

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The build works really well, even if the colors don’t; the arm blades are cool, but the lack of lower arms is a little weird.

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I like it. other than I would have tried to make like a switch blade arm. but non the less it looks really good

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The blade arms compliment the look well.

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How does he pick up anything? :stuck_out_tongue:

ahh good point. maybe he picks things up using the wind? I don’t know.

I bet he isn’t so excited about being toa now…:stuck_out_tongue:

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